What is an Academic Tribute Essay?
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What is an Academic Tribute Essay?


Do you know what the word tribute is? If you have a favorite band from another country, you have probably visited its tribute show without any hope to see the original members. A tribute to something/someone is like saluting or singing an ode. Well, it is not exactly praising someone. A tribute could be the cast of members that try to imitate famous people to let local community enjoy their performances. These people are copycats. A tribute singer, for instance, will try to sing the song in the same manner as the original artist. Unlike cover bands, he/she will not change anything about the song.

That is how a student can explain the term “tribute” in his own words. However, it is not enough to include personal interpretation of the word if you want the paper to be successful. A student should search on the web and in the dictionaries to collect several official definitions and put them down on a separate piece of paper. That would be the first body paragraph of the future essay. You may wonder why a definition cannot be an introduction. Well. An academic essay is something different from the blog post or magazine article – it should introduce the topic, reasons to discuss it, and thesis statement first before going into the details.

Whom Can You Dedicate Your Essay?

The best thing you can do is come up with a beautiful, pathetic tribute to one of your parents (or even both). Agree: it will touch the audience much more than singing dithyrambs to the people you don’t know personally and who did nothing for your upbringing. If you are an Art student inspired by the particular genius like Niccolo Paganini or modern brats like Avril Lavigne, it is okay to choose the person who inspires you on your own. One more great idea is to describe the role of a religious figure in your life. Jesus Christ is always a good choice.

help from royalessaysThe main goal of a tribute essay is not to praise the one you’ve chosen, but to stress the influence of this person or group of people in your life. You should explain how these people inspire and motivate you. What about the results you have achieved thanks to those people and their recommendations?

Muhammad Ali, a famous boxer, once wrote an essay titled “I Am Still the Greatest Essay.” Well, it is possible to come up with a tribute to yourself, but try to stay objective. Have you achieved something really epic in any field? If you still have a lot of things to learn, it is better to choose someone else to discuss.

Tribute Essay Structure and Recommendations

No matter what you choose, depending on the selected paper format, your essay will consist of the following parts:

  • Cover/Title page (if needed)
  • Outline (optional)
  • Abstract (if prompted)
  • Introduction
  • 3 body paragraphs (you may come up with more)
  • Conclusion
  • References

Each of these parts is equally important. An outline, for example, is what every student should prepare even if the teacher does not insist on including this part in your essay. It serves as an action plan and reminds of the table of contents. With an outline, a student will always know what to write, how, when, and why.

Another way to prevent a writer’s block is to take notes during the research or brainstorming. If you write an essay on a famous person, find some sources to grab the quotes from and share some interesting facts from the person’s biography. It is the best way to support your arguments.

In the introduction, begin with a powerful hook sentence. This one should catch a reader’s eye from the first line. Mind several types of hooks:

  • Famous person’s quotation (this one will do)
  • Literary quote
  • Joke/Anecdote
  • Metaphor
  • Simile
  • Statistics/Fact
  • Rhetorical question

Those are the basic techniques used to attract the audience’s attention. To make the reader want to make it to the end, introduce the topic and explain its significance. After that, come up with the powerful thesis statement. The rest of the job is to find the ways to support this statement with the convincing evidence and examples in the body paragraphs. Close the essay with the restated thesis, summary, and some engaging sentence like another rhetorical question: “So, where do we go from here?”

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