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Content for website or web content is the aural, visual or textual content that is published on a website. Content is an umbrella term that refers to any elements such as application, text, images, data, flash images, audio and other multimedia that a user interacts with.  Web content is the primary driver of traffic towards a website. As such creating content into various categories for quick navigation is the most crucial task for the optimisation of a website.

A web content writer/creator is anyone who creates the information mentioned above for purposes of posting on the website. Typically, these individuals must have adequate knowledge about a given industry as well as the skills required in the creation of different types of content. These include writing, video editing, photo editing, graphic design and such.  A web content manager, on the other hand, is the one in charge of successfully operating the company.

Expert Tips on Website Content Creation

While developing a website, you must always have the customer in mind.  After all, the purpose of your website is to reach out to as many customers possible and convince them to subscribe or seek your services. Another important factor to consider is visitors. Your site must provide information that can assist a visitor easily understand your services. Show them who you are and what you do. It builds their trust in you. Below are other tips that can make your website successful.

  • Use a conversational tone

To not write your content in a serious tone or using official language. Your text should not sound like a thesis paper. Write as if you are speaking directly to the client. For this reason, it is better to use an informal or friendly tone.  Likewise, avoid using language that only experts within your industry can understand.  Make an effort to use simple English that anybody can easily understand.

  • Give relevant information

People usually conduct online searches to seek facts and truth. If your website does not provide the information they need, they move on to the next site. Provide all the necessary information, e.g. pricing, services offered among others. However, avoid exciting your content. Do not just spin, give the correct facts to enable them to make a good decision.

  • Good navigation

Logically arrange your pages into well names categories. Do not make your visitors guess on where to go or meditate on what you mean. Nobody has the time or patience to scavenge around for facts. Your home page needs to provide a summary of your website straight to the point.

  • Each topic on a unique landing page

Build landing pages that place their entire focus on a given topic. Therein, provide all the important facts regarding the theme. This is opposed to mixing different topics on a single page. It makes the page crowded and unappealing.  Another plus is to add pictures to assist you in telling your story. Use them between texts to break up lengthy articles.

  • Build trust through your content

Convince your readers why you are qualified to provide a given product or service. Include information such as company history and past triumphs especially on the “About us” page.

  • Use a simple layout

Nobody likes a cluttered website. This applies to both clients and visitors. Keep it simple, clean and well organised. You should also make your website highly intuitive for visitors to easily find items.

Another thing to consider is that your content needs to be as current as possible. Constantly update the site to remove any unnecessary information. Get rid of all the irrelevant information on your site.

  • be easy to contact

Place your contact information across multiple places to make it easy to find. Preferably, your contacts should be a single click away. Consider adding a floating live-chat button that can be accessed regardless of the page you are browsing.  Keep your forms simple by asking minimal questions.  Visitors are repelled by lengthy forms. Though you would like to know as much as possible about them, they are the ones to decide what to share.

  • Add Call to actions (CTAs)

In each page, make sure that you have included a call to action. Steer them towards a sale or to contact you. Offering information is good, but it is even better to let visitors know they can buy something.

  • Avoid mistakes

Spelling and grammatical integrity in your content go without saying. This cannot be stressed enough. Poor language in your texts makes you look like a novice. Closely revise your completed work or even hire copywriting services to craft for your quality content.

How to Create a Content Management System Website

A content management system (CMS) refers to a web-based application/tool that enables a content manager to maintain and optimise a website inclusive of its content. It allows these functions via an internal dashboard.  The most popular CMS is WordPress. Other common Content management systems are Joomla, Drupal and PrestaShop. They are all open-source meaning they are free to use. You can host your CMS on your own, or you can have it hosted. A CMS owned by an individual is known as a self-hosted CMS. Below are steps to creating a CMS:

  • Choose your domain name

Think about a suitable domain name. This becomes “yourname.com” or something of the sort. While choosing your name, select a top-level domain. Such domains include .com, .org, .gov, .mil, .edu, and .net. however, it is better to use the most popular .com domain.

  • Get a Web host

Finding a reliable hosting provider is important. Your website’s performance and functionality highly depend on your hosting provider. This ensures, your site is online 24/7.

Learn How to Create a Solid Strategy for Your Content

Read through the following steps to know more about how to create a winning website content strategy:

  • Know your audience

It is a very crucial undertaking to have a clear picture of who your customers are and what they like. Without it, you will not be able to create content that precisely meets the needs of the clientele. Conduct proper research on your market. You can also use analytics software to receive insight on demographics, preferences, access channels and more.

  • Conduct keyword research

Researching keywords allows you the opportunity to enhance your online visibility. One simple method is to make general keyword searches on the most popular search engines to get an idea of the common contexts the keyword appears in. SEO also helps your site appear among the top in google searches.

  • Go through your current copy

Analysing your current content assists you in determining which content is still useful and those that need to be changed. Getting rid of irrelevant content and updating it with new exciting content rekindles your reader’s enthusiasm.

  • Collaboration

Even when you are the sole proprietor of the business, it is important to include others in editing and review to enhance grammatical correctness and remove spelling errors. Use software such as google docs for easy sharing of your content.

  • Tell a story

Instead of constantly selling, you can decide to “tell your Story” to the audience. Inform the readers of others who have gained from your products and services.

Coming Up with Ideas for Your Website

To come up with great website content ideas, you need to develop quality rather than just mere quantity. Develop fewer but greater quality pieces. Have a clear picture of your persona. If you have not accomplished this, find out the target audience.

Find a good source of high-quality images. You can try out Pixabay or Imgur. However, take note that using low-quality stock photos makes your blog have a cheap appearance. Gather an adequate list of some industry research as well as statistics. You can also write a blog post in response to a controversial video or article within your niche.

Another idea is to take an audit of all your existing posts and ensure each of them has a single call to action. Try to test out an opt-in or popup list to view its effect on your rates of conversion.  It would also be of great importance to developing a decision guide. It can either be in the form of an image, text-only or a tool for interaction. Make use of a service such as Ubersuggest to find lots of probable keyword phrases or keywords to include in your next blog.

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