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Examples of Thesis Statements and Their Classification. How to Write a Good Thesis

Each report, essay, or presentation can be decomposed into the thesis. They are the statements that make up the material. In this article, we will explain what is a thesis statement and how to write thesis statement, give its definition, and some thesis examples. Find out more below!

What is a Thesis? Definition of Thesis Statement

What is a thesis? How can a thesis be defined in simple terms? Thesis plan – what is it and how to write it? How to extract the thesis from the text? All these questions can be quickly answered.

The word thesis came to us from the Greek language. In translation, it means affirmation, installation. This word is widely used in many areas of science, art, and philosophy. The thesis allows you to highlight the most critical thoughts from the text or research.

For example, if a person has written a lengthy discussion on a topic, abstracts allow you to understand the article without reading the full text and skipping the stage of the author’s thoughts. That is why only that part of the text in which clarity and brevity of thought are observed is called the thesis.

The definition of the thesis is as follows. The thesis is the main ideas briefly highlighted in one or more sentences. The thesis can be called an abbreviated version of the article in a narrower sense. Therefore, the thesis is often confused with the abstract.

What is the difference between these concepts?

Abstract and thesis answer different questions. The abstract refers to the essence of the article and its content. The thesis statement also clarifies what opinions and conclusions are considered in the article.

How to Make a Thesis Plan?

The thesis statement plan of the text can be compared with its summary. To draw up a thesis plan, you need to read the material, highlight the main thoughts, and then write them down as briefly and clearly as possible. Therefore, the thesis plan reflects only the main ideas of a particular material.

Thesis Statement Examples

Let’s say you’re writing an article about the importance of continuous learning. In this case, the thesis will sound like this:

  • To succeed in life and build a successful career, you need to learn constantly.

This is the main idea of ​​the article, its conclusion. In the article itself, you will need to explain and prove this thesis:

  • To become a successful person, you need to make as much effort as possible. Successful people often take risks to try new ways of development. But to take risks, you must at least have an idea about the results and consequences of the risk. And this requires knowledge. That’s why it’s essential to keep learning.

Any article can be decomposed into abstracts according to this example.

Other Structure Examples of Thesis Statements to the Conference: Rules and Sample

The structure of this type of work will depend entirely on what kind of thesis you decide to work on. If a text is written, that will describe the problem posed. It should include the following information blocks:

  • A brief introduction disclosure of the relevance of the topic.
  • Description of the purpose of the work and set tasks.
  • A small literature review, current points of view analysis, and methods.
  • Presentation of own thoughts on the problem; possible ways of developing the problem.
  • Summing up, evaluation of the achieved results.

If the text is written based on the results of the study, it is better to use a slightly different structure:

  • Short introduction.
  • Disclosure of the relevance of the topic.
  • Description of the purpose of the work.
  • General provisions, main hypotheses.
  • Methods and methodologies used.
  • Bringing calculations and data.
  • Derivation of intermediate results, analysis.
  • Familiarity with the main results.
  • Final analysis, summarizing.

And here is an example of how abstracts are written for a conference, following the example of working with new methods:

  • A brief introduction, description of methods, areas of application.
  • Description of the purpose of the work and set tasks in the development of a new methodology.
  • Acquaintance with the available techniques, analysis of the literature.
  • Familiarity with the new methods.
  • Description of the scope.
  • An assessment of the merits and limitations.
  • Conclusions and the degree of implementation of the tasks set, an explanation of the error of the methodology.

Other requirements for the design and writing of abstracts for each collection have their own.  The author should find out the design requirements when starting writing scientific abstracts so that later they do not need to be redone to the required parameters.

How Can Scientific Thesis Statements be Classified?

Scientific thesis statement examples can be classified in various ways. Depending on the purpose of writing, scientific abstracts can be:

  • To participate in any scientific event.
  • For their subsequent publication.
  • For both at once (when, for example, conference proceedings are subsequently published).

By nature, scientific theses can be:

  • Timed to coincide with a specific event or theme of the collection.
  • Written on scientific work (scientific article, report, master’s thesis, etc.).

How to write abstracts for a scientific article, report, and other scientific work:

  • The thesis should be laconic but fully convey the entire main essence.
  • The thesis must be substantiated and proven by research.
  • Write the text clearly, coherently, and as meaningful as possible.
  • The text is not written in the form of a report, abstract, etc.
  • The text is designed for a specific audience.
  • Maintain the style of the text characteristic of this scientific genre.
  • Do not use abbreviations and abbreviations.
  • Replace direct quotation with indirect one.
  • Exclude ambiguous interpretations.

Do not worry. If you have already reached the point that you want to participate in a conference, for example, then more than half of these requirements are already firmly in your head. If time flies mercilessly, and you can’t find even a minute to prepare, it’s unnecessary to refuse to participate.

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