How to Become a Good Social Media Content Creator

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Social media is among the ficklest tools you can use to undertake marketing. On the one hand, online social platforms allow a brand to directly engage with its clientele on a scale that was unfathomable just a few years ago. However, these platforms are also saturated with much online noise that is difficult to decipher. To succeed in social media marketing, you need to curate a loyal fan base. Though direct communication is paramount, it needs to be combined with a content strategy.

They say content is king. It is a means through which you can relay information and entertain your customers. Most importantly, content is the only full-proof method of building your brand in both substance and authority. Creating content should be a meticulous and well thought out task that can effectively lead to a larger online following as well as customer conversion.

What Are the Different Categories of Content for Social Media?

There are many types of social media content that companies employ in their online campaign strategies. However, this article will focus on five major campaigns that you can use to curate your content and give it a wide outreach efficiently.

  • User-generated content

As the name suggests, this is content that has been created by your customers. Most of it usually reflects what the customer thinks about the company and how a product can be improved. It is a brilliant way of enhancing engagement with your customers. Both new and existing users of your product feel welcomed whenever they engage with user-generated content. Likewise, using this method of marketing assures users that you care about them and that you value what they have to showcase.

  • Podcasts

A podcast is an online video or audio sharing service whereby subscribed users can download such content and listen or view. Of late, podcasts have started gaining momentum as a social media marketing tool. However, some websites the likes on Twitter and Facebook do not allow the direct upload of audio files. As such it is prudent to share the links to the media.

  • Livestreams

Live streaming is very important to boost your outreach on social media. This is whereby you shoot a video and instantaneously upload it to your followers. What’s more, you can choose whether you want the content to be available afterwards or you can undertake a one-off stream. Live streaming is another efficient method of generating leads.

  • Infographics

The word infographic is a portmanteau of information and graphics. It is a combination of both of these elements to represent data and knowledge visually. Infographics aim at making the presentation of data quick and clear. It visually stimulates the audience as they learn more about your product. In case you want to create an infographic easily, Canva can offer templates to assist you to get started.

  • Virtual reality content

Virtual reality or VR is currently a major hit. As evidence suggests, brands that have embraced this technology are making a big kill regarding customer engagement. Other brands have even started creating interactive content through the use of virtual reality. In most cases, customers will need to access VR headsets to interact with such content. However, some of it can still be shared on YouTube or Facebook.

  • Webinars

A webinar stands for web-based seminar. This is lecture, presentation, workshop or seminar transmitted via an internet network whereby people can have discussions, exchange ideas and data. You can share these webinars over social media networks such as Facebook and YouTube. To effectively share your webinar, you may need to gate it in order to collect email addresses and other personal data.

  • Client testimonials

Client testimonials are simply the user reviews that customers leave on the comments section of a company’s website. They show potential customers what other users feel about your products and services. This is a good method of marketing yourself to new clients. Through reading the comments, they feel safe and also get a clearer picture of what your service entails. Video testimonials are also effective for this purpose.

  • EBooks

Nearly everybody loves eBooks especially when it comes to learning about something that gives them an edge over their competition. Once you write an eBook, it is advisable to promote it all over your social networking websites. You will realise that they are an amazing source of additional leads.

However, if you are serious about promoting your eBook, you might consider paid advertising within these social networks. This action will place your eBook at a vantage position that guarantees more customer views.

  • Guides

Guides get great performances especially when they are about something that piques the interest of the consumers. You can create a guide on finding good content, social media marketing or even one on how to utilise a specific product or service. Such content can easily get shared on social media platforms.

Steps to Creating a Good Social Media Content Plan

The following steps shall lead you into creating a good social media content strategy for your marketing campaign:

Establishing an Audience

As a social media content manager, it is highly important to know who your audience is and what their tastes are. It is impossible to create attractive content if you lack a basing understanding of your customers. Researching the target audience is part and parcel of your general marketing strategy. Therefore, you can receive some insights through website analytics software such as Google analytics. Information that can be derived from such includes acquisition channels, demographics, and content preferences. Social media analytical tools include:

  • Birdsong Analytics- analyses competitor’s Facebook page showing their most successful content.
  • BuzzSumo- used in comparing Facebook pages for more insights on customer response
  • Fanpage karma- Identifies competitor’s most active social media followers

Undertake Social Keyword Research

Through keyword research, you will get an opportunity to increase the visibility of your content. Platforms such as Hootsuite do a good job when it comes to keyword research. It is an easy way to view what is updated on a regular basis and what most customers are engaging with. You can as well conduct a general search on platforms such as Twitter or even Facebook to get an idea of the context in which your core terms commonly appear. Search engine optimisation can also help you a lot regarding ranking your website across search engine indexes.

Test The Networks You Wish to Place a Focus on

Previously it was a good idea to set up social accounts in two major networks and monitor their performance. However, with the increasing proliferation of social networks and the cutthroat competition, there is no limit as to how many social media accounts you can create. Set up these accounts across multiple sites and accord the same amount of attention to each of them. Take note of the one that has the best performance as you test different content types and tactics.

Create a Content Calendar

Upon getting solid information about what goes on in each platform and your target audience, develop an idea of what to write. You should then have an editorial calendar for all you need to do currently and in the future. Including a social element within your calendar is another good idea.

Crosscheck Your Website Performance

The last thing customers want to experience is navigating to your site and having to bear with a slow loading page or Brocken links. What’s worse is that you might have spent a lot of time and resources planning for your social media campaign. Ensure that your tech team have made the requisite plans to ensure all systems are set before the campaign begins.

Examples of Social Media Content Ideas

Everyone alive today is aware of the popularity of social media and the importance of having a social media presence. Therefore, it is paramount to come up with good content ideas that drive traffic to your profile. Good ideas include:

  • Company focused posts

This type of posts is straightforward in that they give customers insight about your business. They are very useful for showing people who you are and what you do. Content can entail audience photos, polls, contests, questions among others.

  • Industry-focused posts

To be a leader in a particular industry, you need expert knowledge about the entire industry. Such posts show you are a trendsetter in your niche. Content can include industry news, infographics, expert bloggers, and weekly roundups.

  • Repurposing of content

Your existing content can also be promoted and repurposed to fill your newsfeeds and get people to view our pages. You can reshare an old post, promote a blog, share a case study or address a negative review.

  • Entertainment

Sometimes you need to give your customers a light moment and let them have fun as they engage with your content. You can do so through memes, inspirational quotes, funny videos, holiday celebrations among others.

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