Significant elements in any vegetarianism essay
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Significant elements in any vegetarianism essay

In the contemporary world, people have become conscious about their health and taking the initiative of improving their diet. As a result, the aspect of vegetarianism has become very common. As a vegetarian, your diet will mainly constitute of plant foods. There are however five primary classifications of vegetarians.

  • The vegan is a vegetarian whose diet exclusively constitutes of plant foods; he or she does not consume any animal meat or any of their products.
  • The Lacto-Ovo is a consuming vegetarian element of plant foods and also includes honey, eggs and dairy products in their diet.
  • The lacto is a vegetarian who can eat dairy products and honey; however, they strictly do not eat meat or eggs
  • The Ovo vegetarian can add eggs, and plant foods in their menu, however, excludes all dairy products
  • The fruitarian

This vegetarian thrives on both fruits and seeds inclusive of his or her plant foods diet.

Writers, bloggers, and dieticians are making it their business to create awareness on the subjects and giving more insight on the whole idea of being a vegetarian and also educating people on their dietary requirements. People may think that meat is the sole source of proteins however foods like potatoes, soya beans, and tofu also have a high amount of protein levels in them In vegetarianism essays or blogs that you read you learn the benefits of the vegetarian diet and how it has led people to leave healthy and happy lives. Many people are adapting to this way of life after it has been medically proven to be a healthier lifestyle.Writing a sample of a vegetarianism essay

Various arguments have been made in support of the vegetarian lifestyle and among them include;

  • Health reasons

Various research reports have shown that a vegetarianism diet has greatly minimized the risk of particular disease. Many severe diseases are causes as a result of meat and high-fat diet. Vegetarianism diet is, however, the opposite of these two diets. Vegetarians exempt themselves from eating meat, and the elements of food constituting their diet contain a minimal level of cholesterol. Fatal diseases like cardiovascular diseases are brought about by high intake of meat.

Compared to meat eaters vegetarians have proved to be healthier, chronic diseases that can be a high risk of death tends to be caused by eating a lot of meat. Meat has a high level of saturated fats that tend to clog the arteries. Vegetarian diet, however, improves on individual health broadening their chances of living longer.

Significant elements in any vegetarianism essay

Meat is best eaten fresh however obtaining fresh meat could be challenging for many people. Meat has a high risk of becoming toxic if t is not preserved well; it could become toxic and result in cases of food poisoning.

  • Environmental reasons

Meat intake has had a significant impact on the environment. Companies that produce meat products operate on a system that causes strain to both land and water sources. Pollution of the land and water bodies results in a negative impact on the environment which also results in climate change. Failure to properly conserve the environment could lead to issues like global warming and greenhouse effect.

  • Ethical reasons.

Some individuals believe as vegetarians they display compassion for animal life which is equally as significant as human life. Vegetarianism is a step towards regard for the life of animals since vegetarianism does encourage the misery and suffering that occurs when these animals are slaughtered and killed.

  • Lifestyle reasons

Statistics have shown that people are likely to live happier if they are happy with their weight. Body weight issues like obesity have driven people to be less comfortable in their skin, and this has led to issues like low self-esteem. When an individual is trying to cut off weight; the best way is including a vegetarian diet in your dieting program.

  • Economic reasons

Avoiding meat and other animal products could save you a lot of money.  The vegetarian lifestyle is inexpensive and also healthier to incorporate. Your diet could easily miss out on proteins if they are dependent on meat to provide it. However, taking proteins like peas and beans is inexpensive while the health benefits are enormous. Buy essay online cheap from expert essay writers online.