Secrets to Writing a Good Soccer Essay
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Secrets to Writing a Good Soccer Essay

Well, here is a little secret – there’s no way you’re going to finish your college or high school without writing an essay. So, if you hate writing, here’s the catch – there’s no way out.  Among those many essays you will be writing is a soccer essay. You know, soccer is the most popular sport in the world, so writing essays about it seems almost unavoidable.

Some of the soccer essays you are going to write include

  • History of soccer
  • Types of soccer
  • How to play soccer
  • Overview of the modern soccer
  • My first soccer experience
  • History and nature of soccer
  • How to create a business from soccer

But, if you don’t know how to make your soccer essay stand out from among others, these few secrets will help.

How To Make Your Soccer Essay Stand Out

Make Your Soccer Essay Stand Out With These Tips

  • Carry out enough research

Of course, you might think that you know so much about soccer because you always watch it on television. No.  Watching the game and writing about the game are two very different things. That’s why you need to research on the topic given. Know the jargon used, master the information needed and make your first simple draft.

  • Create a blueprint

Depending on the topic your essay will discuss, compose a simple draft out of your researched information. This will help you to structure your data, i.e., put each point wherever it should be. This way when you start writing your essay, you will know where to place your idea and how they should follow each other.

Go through the layout and pick out sentences that seem to carry a lot of weight.  Use these sentences as the topic sentences for each paragraph. This acts a guide on what ideas will be under each paragraph.

  • Be careful about where you use your research

The best place to place most of your researched information is on the topic sentences. Let these sentences introduce your idea to the reader, so they know what the paragraph entails. Also, concentrate your research on the first and last paragraphs. This is because, sometimes, the teacher marking your soccer essay may be too tired to go through it word by word. In such circumstances, she will read the first paragraph, read through introductory sentences of each paragraph and finish off with your last paragraph

  • Don’t forget to showcase your writing techniques

Although you find many guides about soccer essays on the internet, what these guides forget to tell you is that you should always remember your descriptive and creative writing skills.  Soccer is a game, and thus you need to write and make sure the reader also feels like they are in the game.  Make them feel what you feel. Take them to the field using your words and make them see, smell and be part of what you are writing about. A lot of creativity will help you achieve this. Describe every occasion step by step using the most creative and descriptive words. The more you practice this, the better your work will be acknowledged by the reader.

  • Emphasize on drafts

For a successful essay, make sure you use various drafts. Drafts are actually the bones of your essay. The first draft ought to be free written work. Compose anything that makes sense. Don’t think so deeply rather just write whatever comes to mind. Once you start, words will just flow on their own. After your first full draft, now write another one. You will realize that the second one sounds much better than the first draft. Once you are done read the draft out loudly to yourself as if you are reading to someone else; this will help you single out sentences that do make sense and other missteps in your essay.

  • Conclusion is everything

The conclusion part is where you put all your ideas in one paragraph. If the conclusion is shoddy, it means your work is also shoddy.  The best way to make sure you have a nice conclusion is to read it through and figure out if it completes your essay. If it feels like you need to continue writing it, it means that you need to rewrite this part to show the reader that the essay is finished.

  • Proofreading and editing

This will be your last step. Go through the paper again. Check out for typos, syntax,  jargon and unfinished sentences. Sweep your essay clean of every mistake. Make sure it is all set up.