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No matter if you are looking for the first job or an opportunity to switch to another career, it all starts with a document known as a resume. Without it, you will be barely noticed on a labor market. Employers will not even know about your existence if you do not send a resume. In some cases, additional documents like a CV or cover letter are required. A resume can either increase your chances to get a job or reduce them to a minimum. It depends on how well you structure and format your piece as well as how professional you sound. The goal is to obtain an invitation to the job interview and a job offer itself.

The main question is what employers expect to see in a good resume. Another one is whether you have to prepare a resume or CV. In some cases, it is better to prepare a CV if you have a lot to say. Also, CVs are appropriate only for some kinds of jobs like those associated with arts. Finally, we will talk a bit about the importance and effectiveness of the so-called professional resume writing services.

Curriculum vitae refers to the summary of the candidate’s experience, knowledge, and skills obtained through years of life. Entry-level applicants might feel comfortable with CVs where they can describe not only their small professional experience but educational background and hobbies in details. Unlike a resume which should consist of 1-2 pages, a CV can contain up to 4 pages. Such type of document provides detailed info on the applicant’s academic career such as degree, research, studies, rewards, training, achievements, internships, volunteering programs, etc.

However, a resume remains a more popular application form. Any company requires it unless you are hired thanks to some referrals, relations, or good luck. In its turn, a resume is a shorter summary of the candidate’s experience, knowledge, and qualifications with a significant focus on work experience. Educational background, as well as achievements, certifications, and hobbies, are secondary when it comes to this type of application document.

What Makes a College Resume Different from a Job Resume?

If you used to write a college resume (a.k.a. application essay or personal statement) successfully, you might have higher chances to succeed with your job resume. Unlike in a college application paper, a student will have to include more sections and format the entire document properly. A typical resume should contain the following sections:

  • Heading with the full name and contact information
  • Brief candidate’s profile with relevant keywords (a single paragraph)
  • Skills (professional, technical, etc.)
  • Work experience (with the full names of organizations, titles of each position, dates, and list of responsibilities and major accomplishments)
  • Educational background (names of educational institutions, preferably, higher, and degrees)
  • Hobbies and interests (only relevant information)
  • Training history and certificates (also may include internships, volunteering programs, etc.)
  • Referrals (with the contacts of previous hiring managers, CEOs, team leads, etc.)

If a candidate feels a resume is not enough to reveal the full potential, they should better prepare another, a more detailed document called cover letter. Usually, good cover letters increase the chances of winning the selection process when submitted along with a resume. It should not exceed 2-3 pages.

On the whole, resumes are the top standard document requested at the initial stage of the job application process. It can become one’s ticket to a better life. That is why so many students and young professionals think about online resume writing services. Buying a custom resume written upon your requirements is always a good way out if you have no idea how to prepare a catchy document. Before we tell you more, let us first discuss some other aspects of writing a resume.

Resume Help: How to Write a Stunning Resume Step-by-Step

Writing a powerful resume is not the same as writing an ordinary one. You should understand that the competition is high while the acceptance rates are as low as those set by top colleges and universities. Of course, if you want a well-paid, perspective job, you will have to face a harsh contest, and it will not be that easy no matter how good you are at the subject of matter. Anyway, you should not forget about an opportunity to get fast resume help on the web.

The entire process starts with choosing the template. Lucky for you and millions of other job applicants worldwide, there is no need to come up with your template and write everything manually. You can simply go online and search for the services that offer free templates or examples of resumes. Download the samples you like (and which match the requirements of your position). Then, type in the required information in the corresponding fields. You can find some great templates on our website as well.

The second stage is studying the job description carefully. While reading the prompt and responsibilities, highlight the keywords – those are the terms you believe matter most of all. You may also search online for the most appropriate keywords for the position of your interest. Think about what you type in the Google search field when thinking about this job.

After that, start with the resume’s heading. You should include your full REAL name, professional email (avoid private ones with funny names), address, and phone number. You can also provide your social network accounts (if any; LinkedIn is highly recommended).

The next step is writing a brief professional summary. You may exclude this paragraph, but that is where all the major keywords should pop up. Make this little piece similar to the job description, but referred to your personality. While accomplishing this first paragraph, focus on your achievements related to the position you are applying for. For example, it would be a nice idea to mention that you managed to increase sales of iPods by 21% at your previous work if you are applying for the position of Sales Person, Sales Manager, or Marketing Specialist. There is no need to admit that you won first place on a soccer or singing contest as it is not relevant to the target position.

The next phase of resume writing is to match your skills and qualifications to the job ad. Skip the skills that have nothing to do with your position of Sales Manager like cooking as well as skills that sound too trivial. For instance, it is hard to find a person today who has no idea how to use Microsoft Office. Do not recall it. If you have some knowledge of social media marketing (SMM) tools or search engine optimization (SEO) or several languages, that is the right information to appear on your list.

Use keywords and action verbs all the time. If you choose to rely on the best resume writing service provided by our experts, we will come up with the right terms and phrases for your document. One more thing to decide on is the type of your resume. It matters only when it comes to the key section, which is work experience.

Different Types of a Resume

We almost forgot to mention that you have to choose between three different types of resume before starting to write. Those are:

  • Reverse chronological
  • Functional
  • Mixed

The one you pick depends on the level of experience. The first one, for instance, is the top-preferred among all job applicants. Those who can boast rich job experience will especially benefit from listing their achievements and positions in reverse chronological order (from the latest place of work to the initial one). We recommend skipping the irrelevant work experience. For instance, there is no need to list your work as a waiter if you are applying for a position of marketing specialist. It makes sense only if you plan to work in some restaurant.

The second, functional (a.k.a. skills-oriented) format suits people with the minimum of professional experience or those who would like to make a serious career change. Graduates and students would benefit from focusing on their current achievements and skills instead of pretending that they possess tremendous work experience. List professional, business, tech skills as well as personal qualities that you consider vital.

Finally, one may combine the two types into one. If you possess both impressive experience and a diverse set of skills and accomplishments, you will benefit from choosing the mixed format. It is a more complex one, but using our resume writing help, you can achieve success with such type of document. We will show how to combine skills and experience to make you look cool and persuasive in the best possible way.

To sum up, we will list the pros and cons of every type. It is up to you to choose one!

  • Reverse-chronological format

Advantages: Traditional style, familiar to most of the recruiters.

Disadvantages: Not creative approach might seem boring to some employers.

  • Skills-based style

Advantages: This one is a great option for entry-level resumes (applicants who lack experience).

Disadvantages: Human Resources staff sometimes think that a candidate with such a resume has some secrets.

  • Combined style

Advantages: Excellent alternative for professionals and career changers who would like to stress their strengths and transferable skills.

Disadvantages: Uncommon type. Young, inexperienced job applicants should avoid this one.

Once you decide on the proper resume format and structure based on a template, it is time to work on a paper. Try to make it readable and interesting for both human beings and robots/auto-response systems. That is why, in today’s world, it is critical to make a resume SEO-optimized. Many modernized organizations use so-called Applicant Tracking System to scan the many resumes of the applicants. It saves plenty of time and efforts. Human resources, in general, use many tricky tools to select the best resumes and cover letters.

Work Experience as the Most Significant Section

Once you start working on a job experience section, please consider the tips of our experts. It is the most necessary part of any resume, no matter which type you choose. Here are the elements of the job experience section that you should not miss:

  • Position: It is the first thing to include in the description of each position. One can make it bold or italicized to grab the reader’s attention.
  • Organization, Location: Name the specific city and state where the company of your previous job is located.
  • Dates of employment: Specify the timeframe. Mention the day when you’ve started the work and the day when you quitted. Both month and year are required. You may skip the days.
  • Key duties: List all of the responsibilities that you used to accomplish as well as the core activities that made your position special. Stress the assignments that were most relevant to your currently desired job.
  • Achievements and major accomplishments: Recruiters should not only know what you did but the quality of your work and rewards as well.

Once you are done with the entire document, the primary goal is to proofread and edit it, without proper revision, you may miss many critical mistakes. That is why we highly recommend hiring our professional resume editor.

Where to Hire a Professional Resume Editor or Writer

Once you come to our website and tell us, “write my resume,” we will start working on your order. We have been in the writing industry for ages. Thus, we know how to handle any sorts of assignments: from academic to business. That is how we can assist with your job application.

We have reasonable prices for such high quality. Every resume is written by a certified English-speaking writer from the United States who possesses vast experience in the corresponding field. Our writers are not greedy, and each client can afford to purchase custom papers from us. Also, we can offer admission essays, scholarship essays, cover letters, follow-up and thank-you letters, etc.

Our company guarantees full anonymity and security of your private data. Local 24/7 customer care service is here to answer any of your further questions and recommend the right service, be it writing from scratch or editing. Common, it is your chance to win the job application process and get the job of your dream – do not miss your opportunity! Order what you need now.