70 Topnotch Research Paper Topics: Best Ideas for Your Paper
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70 Topnotch Research Paper Topics: Best Ideas for Your Paper

A research paper is a project that every college student at some point will have to write. A research paper is an orderly and focused process by which to assess a situation or position. It basically is an expanded essay that integrates one’s own interpretation of a subject using several to prove a question or hypothesis.

Research Paper Definition

Research papers can take on just about any subject, but the trick is to make that subject compelling by asking valuable questions and making bold assertions.

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Useful Tips on Formatting a Research Paper Outline

Below is a list of good research paper topics:

Biology Research Paper Topics

  1. What limits should be imposed on abortions?
  2. Unpack the definition of “viability” and why it matters right now.
  3. Look into the latest stem cell advancements.
  4. What is the likelihood of sustaining Earth’s creatures on Mars?
  5. What are an animal’s rights in the laboratory versus as a domestic pet?
  6. What are the truths and myths of climate change?
  7. How have oil spills affected the planet and what steps are being taken to prevent them?

Computer & Tech Research Paper Topics

  1. Are we raising smarter kids, thanks to the Internet?
  2. Should the government regulate what we see and how we use the Internet?
  3. How do search engines and SEO really work?
  4. How could the Internet be used to heal the music and movie industry?
  5. Has there been a decline in communication due to technology?
  6. What is the true influence of online communities on our psyche?
  7. Compare texting to talking in efficiency and ease of use.
  8. Explore the connections and overlaps between online porn and freedom of speech.
  9. What is reasonable access and how can we protect against stalking and the invasion of privacy?
  10. What are workable solutions to hacking crimes?

Civics and Education Research PaperTopics

  1. What equality has been achieved (and what is yet to be achieved) through affirmative action?
  2. Can true equality between the sexes be achieved?
  3. What is reverse discrimination?
  4. What should government support for parents vs. non-parents look like?
  5. Build an exploration of discrimination in education.
  6. Make a comparison between national standardized education vs. locally-run education.
  7. Make a case for more or less policing in schools.
  8. Discuss drug and alcohol abuse among teachers or members of a government.
  9. Does the No Child Left Behind Act work?
  10. What are the advantages of homeschooling?
  11. What are the benefits of standardized testing?

Health and Medicine Research Paper Topics

  1. What are the long-term effects of cannabis use?
  2. How does “micro-dosing” affect the human body?
  3. Do the benefits of fasting outweigh the risks?
  4. What are some common sleep disorders and treatments?
  5. What is worse: artificial tanning or the same amount of exposure to the sun?
  6. Should there be a difference in insurance premiums for obese vs. fit people?
  7. How does a ketogenic diet work and do they work for everyone?
  8. Weight training vs. aerobics: which aids weight loss more?
  9. How much daily exercise do we really need?
  10. The causes and developments in psychological disorders: cutting and self-harm, eating disorders, Autism, Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, ADD, Asperger Syndrome
  11. How much can we really blame fast food for the obesity epidemic?
  12. Should all companies encourage employee help and how?
  13. What is the statistics between eating disorders where patients restrict food versus over-eat?
  14. What are the similarities between the primary types of cancer?
  15. How much success is documented about holistic cancer treatments?
  16. Is Alzheimer’s becoming inevitable and unpreventable?
  17. Using evidence, discuss the link between emotional stability and physical well-being.
  18. Investigate the cultural parameters to recovery, illness, and wellbeing.
  19. Examine one modern virus in the context of the history of epidemic viral scares.
  20. Is occasional depression really a new disorder?
  21. How was depression diagnosed and treated in the past?

Marketing and Advertising Research Paper  Topics

  1. List the limitations of certain types of media.
  2. Discuss the effects of marketing to children.
  3. Discuss the effectiveness and cost to a consumer of having sexual innuendos in marketing.
  4. List and describe some marketing trends from certain global markets.
  5. Should some images, topics or words be banned from advertisements?
  6. Rate the quality of today’s children’s programming and advertising.
  7. Describe and discuss the “most controversial political ads” from the last presidential campaign.
  8. Make an educated criticism of the media’s response to #BlackLivesMatter.
  9. How should campaign funds be regulated when used toward political advertising?

Sports Research Paper Topics

  1. Should shoe companies be able to “gift” high school athletes with free swag?
  2. Discuss why some college athletes should be paid but others should not/
  3. Discuss why doping in sports might enhance the progress of athleticism.
  4. Why might some parents be more prone to pushing their children in sports?
  5. The effects of team sports on a person’s grit.

Environmental Research Paper Topics

  1. What efforts are being taken to protect wildlife from endangerment?
  2. Is wildlife conservation becoming an excessive burden on industries?
  3. Update the reader on the latest issues of drilling for oil in Alaska’s ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge)
  4. Discuss the duality between gasoline consumption, rising gas prices, and the SUV’s growing popularity.
  5. Who should have more rights: wildlife or real estate developers?
  6. Are our clean air and water standards working?
  7. Do scuba diving and underwater exploration harm the planet?

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