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Research essays are among the most popular assignments at all levels of education. Simply put, you are tasked with researching a topic and writing about it. Ideally, a research paper should take you through the work of other researchers, as you synthesise information from various sources and compile your findings. The task may require you to merely present a summary, analyze, critique or describe a process. A research paper doesn’t merely provide a collection of information from different sources. Furthermore, most students assume that the task simply requires them to review the relevant literature. What you do with that information is of utmost importance, as this shows that you have a clear picture of what the assignment required of you.

Writing a research essay requires that you present your own thoughts about the topic after a logical assessment of the existing research. This also implies adhering to the rules of academic writing, i.e. citation where you present the ideas of others, a structure for standardised assessment, logic, i.e. your understanding of the topic and your thought process, and language for communication. It is a rigorous process which if you’re not adequately prepared for might drain the life and lights out of you. Luckily, expert writers such as ourselves exist to help lighten the load a bit.

Going About the Research Essay and Considering Expert Help

The first step in writing a research paper is choosing a topic unless one has been availed to you already. The topic that you settle on should be one that has drawn your interest and one which you would enjoy spending a significant amount of time on. It should not be too shallow or complicated. The last thing you need is to get stuck with a topic because it was beyond the scope of your current knowledge. A research topic directly alludes to a research problem. Why is your study important beyond what is already known about the topic? Regurgitation of information is a big no when it comes to producing these assignments. How is your contribution important to the reader and how can the general study area benefit from your input?

Once you have your study topic or research question, the next phase is to find your sources. These may be provided to you beforehand, but in most cases, you will have to figure them out for yourself. If they are not, your local or school library is always a great place to start. You may also check online encyclopedias within your discipline and specialty web portals which direct you to these sources. Google Scholar is always a useful resource for college students looking to capitalize on online sourcing. If the assignment necessitates it, you may need to conduct interviews too or hand out questionnaires.

Experts Know That a Research Essay Outline Is Crucial

Once you have got a good grasp of your sources, it is time to start writing your drafts. Research assignments are averse to personal opinions, and any ideas should be based on critical evaluation which should be based on referenceable evidence. Thus, the process of creating a draft is itself rigorous and requires you to dedicate valuable person-hours compiling and refining your sources, ensuring that they are relevant and credible. The best approach is always to create an essay map first which guides the rest of your writing. You should have a thesis which clearly ties to every other piece of your writing. This is written within the body of the introduction, which lays out the context and expected the content of your research essay.

The proper research essay outline will allow you to fulfil the objectives that you set out to accomplish with ease and eliminate any loose ends that might make your work come across as vague, shallow or poorly researched. Typically, the structure consists of an introduction, the main body with an argument or evidence paragraphs and a conclusion. However, this structure will be tailored and refined to adapt to the needs of the writer and what kind of appeal is intended. The end objective is to appeal to the reader’s logic, just like a barrister in a case conducts research, compiles evidence and cascades to a judge or a jury in a way they feel will appeal best to them.

Experts Know How to Choose the Right Research Essay Format

Always keep in mind that your teacher is likely quite conversant with the study area or topic that you will be tasked to write upon. Therefore you have to present the best information from your sources. As mentioned, the usual research essay format consists of an introduction with a thesis statement, the main body with arguments and evidence provided, and a conclusion. Evidence may be presented either thematically or by their weight on the research questions. Ultimately, what you choose should bear the most significance on how you want the reader to interpret your findings. You may have great research but the weak presentation of your arguments and evidence, thus taking away a significant chunk of your grade.

The format that you choose has to thoroughly engage your reader’s intellect and their own thoughts about the issue. It is always wise to work under the assumption that your reader knows much about the research topic, that way you only select the best sources and cascade your information in superb fashion. The presentation format may entirely depend on your discipline, for example, you may choose the APA format for the humanities and Chicago or Harvard for engineering and scientific disciplines.

How to Organize Your Writing for Great Results

The most crucial thing after choosing a viable topic to work on is making a plan and sticking to it. It won’t matter how great your research skills if you can’t organise and create an independent review, analysis and presentation from it. You’ll need to create drafts and rewrite them until you get to that great structure which soundly articulates your views in a way that the reader understands and completely endorses. You have to select evidence which clearly correlates to the task that you have set out to achieve, and it should immediately be obvious why you selected it.

What your teacher is expecting is to demonstrate the “how” and “why” of your research, showcasing the best sources, why you chose the selected topic and how it is important to your general discipline.  An opinion should form clearly about what principles guided you, and the conclusions that your own research and that of others yielded with regards to the study topic. The first draft is your chance to form a coherent thought process and bring your own ideas about the subject to life. It gives shape to your writing, helps you elucidate what you are trying to say and guides you when you are filling in the gaps of your outline. You have to showcase your understanding of the deeper issues, and you may need to focus on specific sources to make your reader understand the direction that your research is taking you. Making a vague presentation with multiple sources in the hopes that your teacher or professor with laud your “great” research skills will only get you in the dog house.

How You Can Get Research Essay Help from Us

Working on these assignments is often a long and tedious process, and you may not be able to accomplish all of your research and writing goals in good time. Writing a research paper is much similar to writing a shorter thesis or dissertation, and it takes meticulous planning and a whole lot of focused study to get it right. Most students usually procrastinate until the last minute and are hard-hit by the reality of how difficult these assignments are. With research essay help from competent experts in your field, you can manage the entire task from start to finish and deliver an exceptional paper. You will be paired with an expert writer in your field who will first come to a common understanding with you concerning the subject that you want to research about and the direction that your writing should take.

Ideally, we make the first draft and avail that to you for us to agree on the general direction of the writing. We’ll communicate with you at different stages of the writing and refine the paper to your liking and depending on the idea that you want to articulate. The structure is one of the most crucial parts of any research essay. You may not know which structure best helps you fulfil your own objective and engages the reader’s logic completely. Whether you want to make a chronological, thematic or comparative presentation, we know just how to go about this to help you best fulfil your objectives.

We Provide the Full Scope of Academic Assistance

College can have its fair share of ups and downs, and it’s easy to get frustrated and disjointed from the process. You may have work commitments, or you may be going through a tough time with your personal life. Regardless, an academic research essay is not a task to be taken lightly, and you’ll need to prepare yourself adequately or have a great back up plan. This is exactly what we offer. We provide on-demand writing assistance for any phase of your project. You may need to choose a topic and expand on it with your thesis, and generate topic sentences for your arguments. Or you may require an outline for the entire paper. Whatever the case, our writers are experienced in writing complex research papers at all academic levels, and they know just what to do to deliver an exceptional paper to you.

We usually request as much detail as possible about the paper that you need to be written, including your preferred sources, the context and scope, any background information you may provide and an initial draft thesis from you just so that we understand your own perspectives on the matter. At the end of the day, you will need to internalise the paper that we have produced as you may be required to make a presentation to your class. If you are completely strapped for time, we can always proceed to create the paper and forward our draft to you for approval.

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Writing research essays has been made significantly easier thanks to what we offer. Call us today and place your order!