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If you don’t know how to write a report, we can solve all your problems related to writing a report. Even if you don’t have the topic finalized yet; your writer can find one that matches the requirements of your supervisor. All you have to do is be clear and concise in placing your instructions. The clearer they are, the more the chances that your paper will be exactly as per your desire.

You need a service that is experienced and has a name and image in the industry. And that’s us! We can guide you fully in the report writing course. With our company, you don’t need to cultivate any fears of a scam company, the possibility for your writer to miss the deadline, or for the company staff to be non-professional. The general fears that new customers have are totally eradicated once they try our service. We can say this from experience because our past customers have left extremely positive reviews for our website. You may even have a look at what the past customers have to say about us.

What Makes Writing a Report Difficult

Writing of a report is a technical task. You need to have a range of important skills to write it well. These skills include but are not limited to critical analysis, review of the literature, command on language, and writing skills. Let’s have a look at them one by one to realize the difficulties in this task.

For one, you need to be very good at doing critical analysis. To be able to analyze a matter critically, you require some knowledge. You should have background information, as well as an idea of what other sources and commentators have to say about the subject. Then you evaluate the claims and ideas about your previous knowledge, experiences, and other literature about it to determine how much you agree with the ideas, what statements intrigue you, what criticism you can offer and what further questions may spur from the discussion. Before starting to write a report, be sure you have good academic writing skills as well as deep knowledge and understanding that will enable you to critically analyze the matter.

You Cannot Complete a Report Writing Course Without These

Most research reports require you to conduct a detailed review of the literature. That’s how you identify gaps in the existing body of knowledge. You write the report trying to fill those gaps, as a way to make a valuable contribution with your research and writing. A literature review is by no means easy, particularly if you are busy. To begin with, you need access to the right sources. Do you have access to the academic databases? Is your library equipped with the needed articles? These and such other questions have to be answered positively so that you can study properly.

Command on language is the first and foremost requirement of good writing. Writing of a report particularly requires very good vocabulary. It is very different from the normal essay writing or reflective accounts in which relatively simple terms fulfill the purpose. Not only you need vast vocabulary of general English, but also a good knowledge of the technical terms particular to the field of knowledge or profession the report is about. Examples of such field-specific terms include truss, beam, reinforced concrete and girders related to civil engineering. Whether its medical field, information technology, chemistry, physics or any branch of science, you need depth of knowledge of the field as well as the vocabulary of the relevant technical terms to write a good report.

How to Order Technical Report Writing from Us

Probably you want to get the report written by one of our professional writers. Now to guide you on the process of placing the order, we have outlined the steps below. It goes like this:

  • Filling out the order form.
  • Giving instructions for the order.
  • Paying for the order.
  • Assignment of order to a suitable writer.

You get your unique username and password in your email. For this, you don’t have to go through the tiring process of trying different usernames and passwords. Instead, the account is automatically generated, and the details are emailed to you. Mention your requirements in the order form. Some of the things you should write there include your required number of pages, word count, choice of writing style, formatting requirements, desired number of sources, any particular requirements for the kind of references, footnote requirements, appendix if needed, and such other details.

Don’t forget to mention that you will like to read the drafts as the writer writes the report, should you want it. In the last, make the payment. Pay either through MasterCard, Visa. These are secure channels for the processing of fee.

Report Writing Introduction to Conclusion: Your How-To Guide

We not only write reports for our customers but also guide them with the process of writing, if they want to try themselves. If you are also one of those customers who are looking for guidance, we have compiled a set of tips and tricks to get you started and set you on your way to creating a good report. Here they are:

  • Start with finalizing the research topic.
  • Once this is done, plan the writing process.
  • To write a good outline, follow this structure; introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Write a topic sentence for each body paragraph based on one element of the thesis statement.
  • Reword your thesis for a conclusion so that it’s a new sentence but has the same meaning as the thesis statement.

Topic finalization is the first and the foremost requirement because all your report is based on it. You may get the topic from your supervisor, or come up with one yourself and get it approved from him/her. If none of this works for you, you always have the option of getting a suggestion for it from one of our expert writers.

The real work starts with the preparation of an outline, meaning your report writing structure. The outline is like the structure and skeleton of your report. It’s a very bad practice to start writing without a proper plan or outline first. Making it does take some time, but it keeps you focused on the topic, so you don’t get distracted as you begin to write.

The introduction provides background information on the topic and ends with a thesis statement. The thesis statement is the most important sentence in your report. It is like the extract of the whole report. Make it brief, clear, and concise. Include everything in it that you want to argue for in the report.

Next comes the part of preparing the body. Unless otherwise instructed, divide the body into three paragraphs. Their length is determined by the number of words for the full report required by your supervisor. The word-count may also vary depending upon the kind of writing, e.g., business report writing or writing of a thesis report. As a rough estimate, divide the total number of words by 5, and allocate the resulting number to each section; meaning introduction, body paragraph 1, 2, 3, and conclusion. Provide 2 to 3 examples supporting the topic sentence in the first body paragraph. Repeat the exercise for body paragraph 2 and 3.

In the end, rewrite your thesis statement in a way that words are changed, but their meaning is retained. That is the starting sentence of your conclusion. End the conclusion with recommendations and possible questions for further research. That’s all. Once the outline is made, expand on the points. Make sure to properly cite information from outside sources. Be very careful about the credibility of your sources you cite the data from.

Our Guarantees for Writing a Good Report

We understand you might want guarantees for trusting us with such an important task as academic report writing. Absolutely no problem! We guarantee everything that makes a service professional:

  • Rest assured that your order will be delivered by the deadline.
  • There will be no plagiarism in the paper.
  • You will be able to get the paper revised, if you want, free of charge, for up to 14 days of the passing of the original Just make sure that the revision instructions are in line with the original requirements.
  • Don’t worry about your confidentiality as it will be maintained at all times.
  • We will remain accessible 24/7 on live chat.

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