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Psychology Essay Composing Guidelines

The Main Goal of Your Psychology Essay

As a rule, psychology essays are meant to summarize, analyze or review a particular psychological article, book or scientific work. Moreover, your psychological essay could deal with the subject matter of the science itself, founders of the trends and prominent researchers in the field. And finally, your essay on psychology might deal with a specific method of investigation, behavioral patterns of adults or children, as well as their cognitive process.

Psychology is the word of Greek origin. It comprises of two meaningful parts – Psyche (“soul”) and Logos (“science”). However, the term “soul” could be given a precise definition and explanation. Hence, Psychology transformed into “The Science of Mind” and, later on, into “The Science of Consciousness”. But since these two terms were not clear either, Psychology attained its new meaning and purpose – to become “The Science of Behavior”.

1+1 Things to Do Before Getting Down to Work

First of all, psychology is a science. Therefore, you have to research your topic. Or spend a good share of time looking for the one that will evoke your curiosity (if your topic is optional).

Secondly, you need to draw up a plan. The step-by-step writing plan of your psychological essay with the headline and sub-headlines. Distribute collected info through your plan to locate it faster when you need to.

Key Structural Parts of Your Essay

Essays, as well as psychology papers, are built around three main parts. They are:

  • Introduction
    The first paragraph of your essay is the introductory one. It has to give a brief description of what is waiting for your readers in the Main Body. Moreover, it is here where you introduce your Thesis Statement.
  • Main Body
    Support your point of view by presenting arguments and backing them up with relevant evidence, quotes, and studies take from psychology dissertations, for instance. Try following this simple rule – one idea fits into one paragraph. Don’t forget to reference your essay well according to the required style.
  • Conclusion
    Give a summary of your essay. Draw a line under your work and don’t forget to give readers the food for thoughts. Something to think about after they would finish your work.

3 Issues to Pay Attention To

Like every academic writing assignment, an essay on psychology has its proper stumbling blocks. Avoid them by following these three simple rules.

  1. Mind the word limit. As a rule, the length of a psychology essay is 2000-2500 words. Be sure to discuss this matter with your tutor beforehand;
  2. Stick to your topic. Keep your essay relevant to your topic and the narration to the point;
  3. Present as many citations as possible. Backing your point up with a many reference source is the path to victory. But DO format and reference the collected data perfectly well.

And finally, do a good job self-editing. Your essay must flow like a spring brook – smoothly and harmoniously.

The Final Piece of Advice

When the deadline is near and nothing has been done yet, use to cope with the task on time. Moreover, to do it as brilliantly as if you would have been writing an essay yourself.