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Who needs proofreading services online? Students in all academic levels, professionals, job seekers, authors, and any person working on a vital piece of writing. Though not everyone proofreads and edits their documents, one should proofread and correct them where necessary before they are published or submitted for marking. Without revising and removing errors in your work, you risk distorting the intended message of your writing.

So, where can you get brilliant copyediting services?

Some of our services include resume, university application, book, article, journal, dissertation and thesis, report revisions and editing. Also get essay proofreading service on any subject or topic. 9 out of every 10 customers we have availed our services to rate our service highly. Our clients include authors, businesses, professionals, scholars and job applicants. We boast of 1000+ experts spread across different academic and professional disciplines. We are always available and will get you a suitable expert immediately you make your order.

Before you send that all-important email, letter, application or academic assignment, think about the difference we can make when you hire us to go through it first. To proofread is not an option but an integral part of writing.

Proofreading Online: Why You Need to Proofread Your Writing

Most spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes are obvious. Yet, you will find them in many students’ writings. These errors can be discreditable and may spoil the flow of your paper altogether. Our proofreaders are trained to identify/ highlight these errors, and if you also want editing services, they will remove the errors in your work.

Even though computers are quite efficient in correcting grammar errors, they do not pick up every mistake you make. Advanced grammar issues, formality, awkward sentence constructions and formality are much harder to identify. Don’t take chances; ace your writing by hiring our efficient expert proofreaders!

If you want to get good marks or at least your paper’s worth, you would want to proofread and edit your it. Most teachers and professors penalise students for errors in their work. You can miss your score target even after cramming for exams because of a sloppy assignment. Remember that, even if have an ace storyline for your essay, the reader will likely not enjoy reading if the composition is full of mistakes.

Also, proofreading is essential in assessing if your argument/ thesis statement is a valid one. If your thesis doesn’t hold weight or is not valid, you can forget about getting a good score. Our academic proofreading services will assess your argument to make sure it is valid, strong and supported with credible information.

Lastly, it is important to proofread to ensure that your paper meets academic and institutional standards. You will feel gutted if your writing is rejected because of sub per standard. There are writing rules that UK students must follow when writing their essays, dissertations, theses, term papers, coursework and so on. An able proofreader can help you determine if your work follows these rules and guidelines.

We can go on about the reasons you should proofread your work. However, its importance outweighs the stress of actually doing it.

Hire a skilled proofreader from our top-rated writing and editing service!

Challenges in Reviewing Your Work and How We Can Help

Even if you are already aware of the importance of reviewing your papers or documents, you may still face challenges from the start or along the way. For one, time may not be on your side. Students often start their assignments late or take too much time writing and leaving no time to proofread their work. We can help you overcome this challenge by assigning you a speedy and competent proofreader.

It is difficult to identify your writing shortcomings because everything you have written is already in your mind. For this reason, your brain tends to overlook errors that may jeopardise the credibility of your writing. Sometimes you may have written your paper, but are confident in your writings skills and you are confused on whether to submit it or not. A new pair of eyes, especially professional ones, will help you to remove these errors. Get our proofreaders to polish your work!

Have you just finished writing a lengthy dissertation? Moving on to rereading it immediately after can be knackering. Why subject yourself to reading several pages of a document you are exhausted from writing? When reviewing your work is tedious and boring, you can get our editors to sort you out quickly.

There are some dodgy websites out there. So, when you are searching for a proofreading website you want to be sure that it is reliable. Our service is legit, dependable and convenient to use. We are also affordable, so you don’t have to go stony-broke trying to polish your paper professionally.

Which Types of Writing Can You Proofread for Me?

You can choose to hire use to proofread your work or combine it with editing as well. Our services are broad and cover 50+ subjects in secondary school, undergraduate and postgraduate studies. You can get any document proofread and edited. Among the types of materials that we proofread are the following.

  • Essays

As the most common assignments in all academic levels, students tend not to take them seriously. However, a teacher or lecture can tell how much time you take dedicated to an essay based on the grammar and writing mistakes on it. Even if your story is not as captivating as those of more creative students than yourself, you can impress your instructor with smooth and flawless writing. They will note the effort made and even award it.

  • Research papers

Dissertations and theses are one time assignments that almost all universities students must complete to fulfil their degree requirements. However, these papers are tedious and will take you a couple of fortnights to write. To make sure everything you have complied in the weeks you have taken to write your research paper, you must proofread it. We will get it done for you- at a very competitive price.

  • Other assignments

Essay and dissertations are the most common assignments, but they are not the only ones you will come across as a student. You may get tasks such as coursework, term papers, lab reports, research proposals, or calculations. All these tasks are important and need a keen eye to review them and correct errors.

  • Business documents

If you are a manager or business owner, your written documents such as financial and sales reports, brochures, website content, business plans, marketing materials, and newsletters project your image as a firm. So, get a proofreader to go through these writings and avoid errors that can cause embarrassment or misinform your target audience.

  • Resumes

Whether you are looking for your first employment, applying for a promotion or want to change careers, you will need to arm yourself with an excellent resume. So, we proofread and edit resumes and cover letters for clients to make sure the tone, structure, style and grammar are on point. Hire our resume proofreader for a more fruitful job search!

  • Books, articles, scripts, and other authored materials

We avail our services to authors as well. You can get your novel, poem, website, blog article, book or any other works proofread at an affordable price before publishing.

What Makes Our Professional Proofreading Your Best Bet?

We possess numerous features that make us so favoured among clients looking for a trusted Proofreading UK service. Our outstanding attributes include:

  • In-depth review and editing

We do not just browse through your document quickly for simple mistakes. We take time to read and review each part to identify both sloppy and hidden errors. We will also check on the structure you have used and how you have formatted your work. We will make sure to double check your work and mark all the parts that need revisions. For editing, we will proceed to remove these mistakes, rewrite necessary parts and overall polish up the document.

  • Native UK proofreaders

Our experts are native speakers educated in UK universities. We also thoroughly vet applicants for grammar and writing proficiency. Applicants must show not only an in-depth understanding of their areas of specialisation but also demonstrate their ability to write coherent and quality academic papers.

  • All citation and formatting styles

Get formatting help with any writing or citation style. Our experts are knowledgeable in Oxford, Harvard, APA, MLA and Chicago referencing styles. If you are not sure if your paper adheres to the proper referencing rules, one of our proofreaders can help you get the formatting right. Hire one now!

  • Subject-specific experts

We will not just get you a capable proofreader, but one who is highly qualified in the subject of your paper. We have experts in areas such as literature, sciences, history, art, business, humanities, maths, law, medical studies, and so forth.

  • Speedy and convenient

We are fast and convenient for anyone in need of urgent and professional editing. Remove costly mistakes from your paper in a few hours. An expert will start revising your paper in less than five minutes from the time you place your order!

  • Improved clarity and construction

We will improve how your document looks as per your guidelines. Get better sentence constructions, and zero spelling or punctuation errors. For improved clarity of your paper, hire a proofreader now!

Our English Proofreading Service Assurances when You Order

We guarantee free revisions. If your work is not appropriately proofread, you can send it back for a fresh review without adding any payment. Our job is to find and remove errors in your work. Therefore, if you feel that your paper is not 100% error-free, you can ask for a free redo.

Money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with our services on valid grounds or your paper is rejected because of failure on our part, we will refund your payment.

Timely delivery on all orders. We have efficient proofreaders ready to assist you. Even with the shortest of deadlines, we are still able to deliver proofread and edited papers to our clients. No delays or missing of deadlines.

Privacy and safety of your data. Any information you give us when making your order is safe with us. That includes personal information, the contents of your paper and all your communications with us. We do not keep your work after the services you ordered are complete, and you are delighted.

Full compliance with your instructions. We will fulfil your instructions in full. Be sure of 100% compliance with your order’s requirements and UK academic standards.

How to Hire a Professional Proofreader at Our Online Service

You can hire our services and get satisfactory results in these simple steps.

  • Submit your document

Click on order to submit the work that you want us to review. You can accompany the document with guidelines that you would like us to follow and details on how we can reach you.

  • Get a price quote

You will receive a price quote for the service you order. For example, to proofread will cost you less than to proofread and edit your paper.

  • Pay and get a proofreader

Choose the way you want to pay. All the listed payment methods on our website are secure and reliable. Once you pay, you order will be picked by an ideal proofreader.

  • Check your work

We will execute your order fast and send it to your account by the deadline. We will also inform you once the document is ready so that you can check it out.

  • Confirm and download

Once you are satisfied that what we deliver is in full compliance with your instructions, all you have to do not is to approve and download it.

Give your work a professional look by hiring our professionals to proofread and edit it! We will give you a clear, error-free and revamped paper. Order now!