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So, you’ve completed (or are in the process of completing) your A-levels, B-tech or higher advanced studies and are now looking to apply to your dream colleges and hopefully pursue the course that you’ve always longed for. Most students think that their grades and extracurricular accomplishments will be enough to get them into the universities of their dreams. However, the need to write a personal statement comes as an intimidating surprise to students who thought that they had their applications nailed with their previous accomplishments. This is even truer for international students coming from countries where they haven’t been adequately prepared for this expressive portion of the admissions process, and who are probably hearing of the term ‘personal statement’ for the first time.

What is a personal statement? In about 4000 characters or 47 lines, this is a reflective essay that accompanies your UCAS application and showcases why you possess the best skills or are the right candidate for a university admissions spot. This extended essay works to set you apart from the possibly hundreds or thousands of other students who are applying for the same position, and who might possess equal or even better credentials than yourself. While most students especially those who are unfamiliar with the UK admissions process tend to find this procedure intimidating, the truth is that a personal statement can come as a great booster to your application. When it boils down to who deserves that cherished placement, your statement can be that unexpected stepping stone that will set you apart into winning ways.

While writing one might be intimidating, it isn’t impossible to get a personal statement that completely knocks the socks off the admissions officer reading it. Our personal statement service UK is that assurance for success that you need, helping you craft powerful essays that showcase why you are the best candidate for the opening with your experience, skills, and ambitions. We’ll help boost your chances to get into that favourite UK University that you’ve always dreamed of, whether you are an international student unfamiliar with the application process, or a domestic student not fully confident in your abilities to pull off a successful write-up.

Our Personal Statement Writing Service UK Offers the Guarantee of Success

Your personal statement works in tandem with other parts of your application such as your grades and extracurricular accomplishments or awards. However, when it all boils down to what the admissions tutors are really looking for, your statement may make that finite difference between whether you get the spot or not. In other words, your essay will prove beyond a doubt that you are a great match for the institution you are applying to, beyond just having a stellar academic record. A typical competitive college in the UK with a first-year class size of about 1200 students might receive as many as 30,000 applications for those limited spots. Assuming that all these applicants have excellent academic records, what would set those 1200 that got accepted apart?

The personal statement is your chance to sell yourself to the admissions committee beyond what can already be seen on your transcripts and accompanying awards. This is your opportunity to give the reader a glimpse at your hopes and aspirations, and a chance to show them what you could do with the opportunity to attend that college if it were presented. The placement that you are seeking is highly sought after by thousands of other applicants, therefore this is your opportunity to show the committee why you should be in the final pick. The details that you present in the essay and how you deliver it might ultimately be what makes you stand out from the crowd. Admissions tutors often see canvasses with numbers that gradually lose meaning to them. “5A’s, 2A minuses, a valedictorian award, etc.”  They don’t often get to see the person behind the numbers, and they also rarely get to understand why this application is so important to the person behind those numbers. With your statement, the tutor can see you as a real person, and why everything that you have worked for including all those excellent academic numbers has been leading up to this moment. It is your chance to directly talk to and inspire the reader to see things from your perspective and hopefully give you a chance.

A professional personal statement from our team works to serve the magic to your application, helping you to be unforgettable and granting you a shot at that coveted slot.

Why Would I Let You Write My Personal Statement?

Even if you do feel like some aspects of your application fall short of what the university might consider admitting you such as exceptional grades, a well-written personal statement may still help deliver a turnaround. While most institutions have a minimum threshold for grades and other academic criteria, they do understand that success may not be all about these figures. Capitalizing on this knowledge yourself may help you pull off a pleasant surprise and help get you into a university that you previously thought difficult, if not impossible to get accepted to because of your academic underachievement.

A personal statement writer UK will help distinguish your life story, and also showcase your skills, ambition, and accomplishments in a way that totally sets you apart from the rest. With only about 700 words to fill in all the blanks with, writing a coherent essay might pose a challenge to some. Others may feel like their story is too boring, or they don’t have anything special to offer. That’s where expert writing comes in. We’ll help portray you in the best light possible regardless of your skills, experience or background, making you appealing and most importantly, the best choice for the tutor reading your statement.

As an international student looking to cover meticulous detail in perfect English, you stand a greater risk of your application being rejected if it doesn’t meet the language requirements of your favourite college. Google Translate might assist you linearly and with a few words, but it won’t give you the power of coherence or proper, logical expression. While the admissions committee might understand that you are a student from a foreign country, that won’t make them lax on their grammatical and formatting requirements. In fact, being a non-native yet still having an excellently written English essay might even sway their favour in your direction. Our writers will assist you to create a compelling essay that wins over the hearts and minds of those reading it.

With a personal statement helper from us, you’ll have direct access to help and paper refinement whenever you need it. Maybe you want to write the initial draft and then have us perfect it later, from its structural elements to the formatting and logical flow. Our service comes as a handy assistant to your own efforts and gives you a chance to produce the best possible results.

Expert Tips When Writing Your Own Personal Statement

With a personal statement, the primary angle is to always set yourself apart from other applicants. This isn’t a cue to develop a faux hero complex or include cliché stories and statements in your application. Quite often, most applicants usually fear that their stories might be a bit boring and are always looking to spruce things up a bit with their personal statements. Remember, spice is nice, just as long as it isn’t artificial. Admissions officers can instantly discern between a fake story and a genuine one.

The key is to do some soul-searching and exploration and find out what you think are your own strengths. You don’t need to have won a national award or be a member of MENSA by 18 to pull off an essay that inspires. What you do need to do is find the right words to channel all your positive strengths, vis-à-vis your current skills, past experiences and what you aim to accomplish if this opportunity were to be presented to you. Honesty can be a great trait and a powerful tool if harnessed correctly. Don’t try to tell someone`s else story through your own words or lenses. Instead, focus on what makes you unique as an individual and you might just be surprised that the admissions tutor finds great interest in your story.

Do some background research on the institution to which you are applying. Granted, the UCAS statement is a single document sent out to several universities. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t showcase knowledge of what these institutions might be looking for, even if just subtly and succinctly. Just like you, these universities also like to feel wanted, and a student who really shows interest in a school because of what it has to offer has a greater chance of getting accepted than one who feels compelled to apply to that school only because of a stellar academic record. If there are programmes that match your career or course aspirations in the said university, ensure that you highlight this and make it clear that this opportunity would be a jump starter to your future as a working professional. Understanding the difference between Oxbridge and non-Oxbridge personal statements vis-à-vis the institutional requirements is also important when applying to some institutions. The former tend to be academic-centred and require you to go on a discourse about what you have learned so far, including experience, and how the theories, topics or practical applications studied so far will help you in accomplishing this course.

Finally, the opening paragraph is where most of the magic tends to happen. Draw them out and rope them in for the kill with a catchy-yet-informed hook, and make their mouths water so much that they just want to put off everything else and read your essay.

Buy Personal Statement from the Experts and Get an Assurance of Success

With our writing help, you can demonstrate why you are the best pick for the spot, and why you above all else deserve that opportunity. We provide a service that seeks to understand you first before we start on any kind of writing. We aim to paint an accurate depiction of your person, therefore, constant communication between the writer and the customer is always encouraged. Through this correspondence, we strive to know your skills, extracurricular activities and any work experience that you have pertaining to the course that you are applying to.

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We provide comprehensive writing help for all your needs including personal statement editing, samples and actual examples that we have worked on previously. Contact us either via email, hotline or our interactive chat.

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