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We are a custom online service that paraphrases texts. Thanks to the professionalism of our writers, we are one of the busiest sites online that offer this service. Being a good paraphraser is a must-have ability in the present age, and our writers have become very skilled at it. Every day, we get more than 150 orders on average. Having used our service once, our customers become loyal. Not only they use our services themselves but also refer us to their friends and peers. For extremely urgent orders, we employ our tool to get the text paraphrased. This helps us ensure that they are completed on time without any compromise on quality. Normally, you can get a standard essay in as less as 3 hours.

The Ability to Paraphrase As an Absolute Essential

The modern education system is such that students are frequently required to produce essays. Agreed that their purpose is education and learning, and you have to write essays yourself. But so many essays are such that you cannot write them without taking information from outside. If you try to paraphrase yourself without knowing how to do it; your teacher might accuse you of doing paraphrasing plagiarism. Even five or six words copied as such can get the whole paper plagiarized. It’s a very important task and needs to be completed with the utmost care. If you don’t know how to do it; better take help.

Students need to paraphrase all the time. If you are good at it, clearly you can do it yourself. In such cases, if you are too busy with other assignments or are not feeling well, taking help from a tool is a wise decision. After all, it takes time along with an effort to be able to convert a text into its paraphrased version. And what if you don’t have good skills or experience in it? Then you have to totally rely on the tool. Not just essays, research papers, dissertations, and journals all require information to be cited from external sources. One way is to copy-paste the lines as such in the form of direct quotes. While it does serve the purpose if inserted with a proper context and background, too many quotes make it appear that you just tried to get done with the paper. Definitely, the more the direct quotes, the more space is eaten up without you doing anything in it!

Paraphrased citation of external sources is generally a preferred way of citation for most academicians. It allows you to incorporate ideas without using the same words. Teachers like this way because they know that in the process of changing the words while trying to retain the meaning, students learn a lot. They don’t just paraphrase, they actually happen to learn a lot as the idea or message is internalized and processed in the brain during this exercise. Since they like it, expect to have a lot of assignments in which you will have to paraphrase. So it is a fact that knowing how to paraphrase is a very relevant and important skill in the contemporary educational system.

What Might Be Holding You Back from Ordering

You might be sure that you need help to paraphrase your text, but certain concerns, worries, and fears might be holding you back from getting it. As a new customer, we are aware that it’s difficult for you to trust an online service enough to give them this important task. You might be worried that:

  • The company will not deliver the paper in
  • Once your order is placed, everything will change.
  • You will realize that there were hidden costs involved.
  • The company will not remain accessible to you online after you have placed the order.
  • The writer will submit to you a plagiarized paper.
  • The company will not allow you to have the paper revised, should you have any comments on the submitted paper.
  • Even if it does agree to revise, it will charge additional money for that.

Honestly, if the company turns out fraudulent, you may actually have these fears realized. You may eventually get the work, but it will have gone so late that the whole exercise will become futile. You will have a poor grade on the paper, even if you finally submit it because you couldn’t respect the deadline. The company’s staff may not be as nice and professional to you as they sounded before placing the order. When you first approach them, they sound very welcoming and helpful. After they’ve got the money, they’ll turn their backs on you.

Price for the order at the face value may be much lesser than what you end up paying for the whole deal. They may get the money but say that the payment was not successfully processed, as it happens in a fake paraphrasing app. You may not be sure who to contact. They may not pick up your calls, nor entertain your queries on live chat. The order may not be checked for plagiarism like the company apparently said it would do. You may have a mix of paraphrased and original text, and may not be able to tell what things to fix before submitting the work.

Why We Have the Best Paraphrasing Tool

We have the best paraphrasing tool. There are several reasons why we claim this. Some of them are as follows:

  • 5+ years of experience.
  • Extremely qualified team.
  • 150+ orders daily on average.
  • Very strong quality assurance mechanism.

We have been rendering these services for over 5 years now. All these years, we have worked tirelessly to pull together a team of qualified writers who are extremely skilled paraphrasers.

We only hire writers after making them go through a detailed and structured process. First, we take their tests and ensure that they can paraphrase even the most complicated sorts of text correctly. We verify their degrees and certificates. So if you decide to get your paper paraphrased from us, you can be sure that it will be done by a person who is highly educated and has years of experience in this work.

Steps to Use Our English Paraphrasing Tool

Our process of order placement is extremely simple and easy. Get your instructions ready, and you can be done with the entire process in as less as 10 minutes. It goes as follows:

  • Completing the order form.
  • Placing order instructions.
  • Making the payment.
  • Assigning of the order to the most suitable writer.

The account is created automatically, and details are emailed to you. Use them to log in. This account is exclusively and solely yours. The order form is the place where you enter all details. Upload the original text that you want paraphrased or send its link to your writer. Provide details regarding the required word count, style of formatting, number of references needed, layout requirements, and your preferred standard of language.

Remember; this is the place where your writer will read all your instructions. They will only be able to assess your requirements from what you write here. So be as clear and detailed as you can. For example, if you want a paraphrasing tool UK, make sure you write it in your instructions. Otherwise, your writer might paraphrase it as per the US standards.

The last step of the ordering process is of payment. Transfer the fee using one of our extremely safe and secure channels. You can order using MasterCard. That’s all –your part is done. We immediately assign a qualified writer to paraphrase your text. Just make sure to keep checking your account for messages from the writer. Your timely response plays an important role in the smooth flow of work.

Have a Look at Our Paraphrasing Tool Online Guarantees

We understand that, as a new customer, you want to see what guarantees we provide. We know this because many of our potential clients have asked about this on live chat. So here are they:

  • You will get the order within your stipulated deadline.
  • The word count will be exactly as you requested.
  • You will be able to reach us all the time. We remain accessible to our clients 24/7.
  • Your information will not be disclosed to any outside person.
  • You will be able to get the paper revised free of charge for up to 14 days after the original deadline.
  • Your paper will not contain any plagiarism.

What else do you need?

Get Your Text Paraphrased Now Easily

Now that you know everything about our company, there is no reason you should keep waiting. Don’t delay the decision of placing the order. The sooner you place it, the cheaper you will get it because you will be able to have a longer deadline. So if you need a text paraphrased, place an order or contact us for further queries.