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Multiple choice examinations are used almost everywhere- from job applications to qualify for a driver’s license. This makes them a vital component of the evaluation. Theoretically, selective one out of four or five options looks simple. However, in the real sense eliminating the incorrect answers and choosing the correct one can be difficult especially when you are not familiar with the test. Sometimes the test might not have questions at all. They could be problems to be solved, statements or incomplete statements.

When you combine the factor of time pressure in that mix, the challenge becomes even bigger. To ace such tests, you require a proper understanding of the syllabus in addition to an effective strategy and tactical prowess. Learning via our tips and advice will help you gain the necessary confidence to tackle any multiple choice examination.

Preparing for Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

The first step is to try mock examinations to learn how to manage your time. In case of a one-hour test that has 30 questions, you should have reached question 15 by 30 minutes at most. While sitting for a mock test, try to recreate the examinations environment as closely as possible. Close all the books and switch off the music and other distractions. Incise you are experiencing any difficulties with some questions, consult your instructor for tips.

Take maximum advantage of your instructor’s experience and expertise. They have gained years of experience in witnessing people fail and pass. Sometimes, the questions have two similar answers. Focus on the main concepts during revision. Knowledge of research techniques come in handy in enhancing your ability.  Plan your time well to remain with a short moment at the end of the paper to review your answers and ensure you have checked the right questions. At times you might answer questions correctly but mark the wrong number.

Create a plan to manage your anxiety by understanding which tactics increase your confidence and which factors shatter it. This knowledge helps you find the most effective relaxation methods. Likewise, you can consult online sources to help you manage stress levels.

Strategically Answer Multiple Choice Quiz Questions and Answers

Upon the onset of the paper, you might feel the urge to race against the clock. However, you need to spend adequate time in reading and interpreting the questions. This is the only action that can save your time when it comes to selecting the correct answers. The questions reveal much information. Therefore, take your time to go through them properly. Try to think out what the right answer might be before you look at the questions. One method is to try and cover the answers while reading so that you think without distractions. After that read all the possible answers. Other steps are as follows.

  • Skip difficult questions

Skip complex questions and return to them later. Many students tend to take much time ruminating over a challenging question. This has some detrimental effects. For one, you waste precious time required for the other questions. For another, your confidence gets lowered. Mark any questions you skipped with a bold marking to ensure you see them when you pass through the paper again.  Always stay alert as you work across the copy for any ideas that might assist you to answer questions you are unsure of.  Spare some time at the end of the paper to return to such answers. Equally important is to ensure you have skipped the question spot within the answer sheet as well.

  • Take note of keywords

Take note of the most crucial words in the questions. Specific words used can be highly useful tools in identifying the correct answer. Look for the details in every multiple choice answer. The correct answer must be relevant to every aspect of the question.

For this reason, pay close attention to negatives (neither, none, not), superlatives (best, most), as well as qualifiers (often, may, usually, generally.) take extra caution when it comes to answering negatively worded queries. You are likely to be confused into picking the wrong choice. Options that use words such as “none,” “not,” or even “never” can change a true statement to a false one.

Be vigilant of questions that are absolute, e.g., “never,” “always,” “every.” For them to be correct, there must be no other alternatives. The same applies to “all of the above” or “none of the above.” If you are sure that all answers are either correct or incorrect, then the right choice can be one of the two above mentioned options. Such kinds of questions are very common in psychology multiple choice questions.

Check for answers that are incongruent to the grammar of the query. Cancel out any answer that does not match. A correct answer can at times be identified by looking at the tenses used in the word. E.g., if a question ends with the article “an” or “a,” then the initial word of the correct answer will likely match the article.

  • Elimination of wrong answers

To make your work easier, strike off the wrong answer. Use logic to eliminate answers that do not make sense. Working from two options can greatly improve your chances. View every answer as a true or false question. Cancel any false options. Look for pairs that are either opposites or are almost identical save for one word. This is a common tactic employed by examiners to set apart those who understand the topic from those who have general knowledge.  In such pairs, one of them might be the correct answer as the other one has been worded to confuse you. You are likely to find such answers in science and business multiple choice questions. These subjects require a high use of logic.

  • Take risks

Lastly, if all else fails, you can contemplate riskier tactics. Numerous urban myths abound about hacks you can use to pass the questions. One of them is to try choosing the lengthiest answer. It is more likely to be the right one since the instructor might have included qualifiers. Another tactic is to ignore the principle that you should never alter your first choice. Employ your reasoning skills on each question to decide whether you should change the answer.

Advice on Reviewing Multiple Choice Tests

Go back to the skipped questions. After that, meditate about the other questions. You might have come across hints or jogged your memory enough by working through other questions and answers. Now you can implement your strategy on whether to leave the question black or guess it.

Crosscheck your work and be extra cautious on how you fill your answer sheet. Marking an answer in the wrong place will lead to a domino effect. Not only will that answer be incorrect, but also the rest of the subsequent answers. To eschew this situation, make sure you move all answers to the answer sheet the moment you complete all the questions. In case you are leaving any answer blank, ensure that the next answer you mark is in the correct space.

Finally, erase all accidental marks. Ensure you get rid of any unwanted markings or notes that can confuse the person marking your paper. In case it is a scantron sheet, ensure that the answer bubbles are properly darkened. Any erasures should also be completely erased.

Benefits of Multiple Choice Tests to Students

Multiple choice examinations are very common particularly while testing fact-based content. The following are the factors that make it attractive in such circumstances:

  • Time & Scope

One major reason why questions are used by default in many standardised tests is that they allow for fast testing across a wide range of content.  Since students can answer a multiple choice question quicker than an essay question, tests based on this method can, therefore, focused on a broader representation of course content. This increases the validity of the examination.

  • Flexibility

Most people think that questions are so rigid. However, what they do not understand is that there are options which allow the expansion into various objectives. While many questions test on remembering facts and understanding, a well-contented question can test on both analysis and application.

  • Single & multiple answers

One correct answer allows the student to get rid of the incorrect answer easily. However, numerous right answers also help you eliminate and get to the correct answer. Remember “All of the above” does not have to be chosen “D.” It can even be “A.”

  • Reliable and measurable

Nowadays there is a greater focus on measuring efficiency in schools. When a school has data derived from objective testing of students to investigate their rates of content retentions is important for an institution. They can utilise this data to develop effective methods to boost learning. This ultimately benefits the student.

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