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Movie or film reviews are popular ways to assess the overall quality of a film and determine whether or not it is worth recommending. In general, this type of writing differs from scholarly articles on movies in the sense that they include idiosyncratic and personal evaluations of and reactions to a piece. You will also need to include objective analyses of the thematic content and the formal techniques employed. The main goal should be informing your audience about the movie and its concept. While all this may sound quite simple, writing this type of review is actually quite complex. Don’t stress yourself. Here, you will find useful information to help you write an outstanding piece.

Why Is Writing a Movie Review Important?

A good film review is one in which the writer presents an in-depth analysis that allows readers to form an honest opinion on whether or not it is worth seeing. In the school environment, this type of assignment if often issued to test the students’ analysis skills as well as their ability to report an event so that others can easily understand. In other words, the main purpose of this project is to help the reader understand the ideas behind the film. Seems simple, right?

Well, one mistake that most students make when writing this type of project is reporting everything that happened in the film. At most, you are meant to just highlight a summary of the main events and provide your analysis. In addition, although the project allows the expression of personal opinions, you still need to provide an objective and unbiased perspective. Find a way to combine both.

For most people, reviews determine whether they will watch a movie or not. Even the classroom setting, take the project as a chance for you to introduce a piece of cinematography to your instructor. As you write, assume that your reader is not familiar with the film.

How to Write Like in the Professional Movie Review Sites?

For most students, writing a film review is a long and complex process. However, by breaking down into the stages outlined here, you will be able to manage your time more effectively. Here are some stages to consider if you want to complete an outstanding paper:

The Process of Preparing to Write

Effective writing is not possible without a proper plan. Whether for academic purposes or submission into movie review websites, this type of project is fairly short, often between 600 and 1200 words. Even before viewing the film, it helps to get a sense of the other works done by the scriptwriter, director, or actor. For example, you could consider watching other films by the same writer or director to get some idea of each style. As a result, you will be able to contextualize the movie and see whether it serves as a continuation and disruption within the trends of the writer’s or director’s other works.

As part of the planning process, you may need to watch the movie multiple time. During the initial viewing, you should surrender yourself to the experience. Get immersed in the narrative and enjoy the cinematic experience without worrying about the argument that you are meant to cultivate much later. As you watch the film for the second time, try to create some distance from the story, instead, paying attention to particularly interesting aspects of the film that can be highlighted in the review. Consider thematic content like race, history, gender, class, sexuality or the environment. Formal techniques to consider during the second viewing include editing, cinematography, lighting, mise-en-scene, genre, diegetic and non-diegetic sound, or narratology. Remember to take careful notes that will help you create an outline for your paper.

Conducting Some Library Research in Necessary

While this step is not mandatory, it may be prudent to carry out some research for the film credits. In your review, you may want to refer to the writer, producer, or the cast. As such, you could benefit from looking up some background information on these individuals. Consult periodicals or reference books. You may also need to research some technical terms before referring to them in your text.

Determine the Film Theme and Analyze the Setting

Please note that all the aspects of the movie should work cohesively to lead to a theme. In some cases, this may be clearly stated. However, in most cases, the theme is often derived from the work as a whole. Consider the mood and the conflicts as you work your way towards understanding the theme.

The setting refers to the place and time of the film. Be as specific in your analysis as possible. What details revealed the setting? Where they the props, sets, or makeup? Or is it stated explicitly in the film? You should also consider how the setting is important to plot, theme, and character.

Don’t just summarize what happens in the movie. Instead, include a discussion of important turning points and critical scenes that reveal character. When analyzing the style and technique, include the following:

  • Note recurring symbols and images;
  • The use of music;
  • Useful editing and camera techniques;
  • Special effects, lighting and sound effects.

Don’t Forget to Proofread and Edit Your Work

Nothing screams incompetent writing like a paper littered with typos and grammar mistakes. All the effort and planning can easily be damaged by not taking the time to carefully read through the text. Don’t worry about the proofreading as you write the initial draft. Allocate time once the text is complete to painstakingly go through the text, ensuring that there are unity and flow. It could also be a good idea to ask a friend or a professional proofreader for help.

How Is a Good Movie Review Organized?

When writing an about time movie review, please remember that, like with every other paper, there is a structure to follow. In fact, the quality of your work will depend, to a large extent, on your level of organization. Don’t underestimate the significance of a well-structured outline as it helps you to focus on the main points and create flowing text. Furthermore, organizing your thoughts before you set out on the writing process saves you time later on. Instead of trying to figure out what to write and what to leave out, you will have a detailed plan to stick to. Here are some important elements to consider for your outline:

  • A catchy introduction, where you indicate the title of the movie, some background information, and the release date;
  • A summary of the story;
  • Analysis of key elements of the plot;
  • Creative aspects, including camera techniques, dialogues, characters, mood, and use of colors;
  • Your opinion on the movie, supported by facts and examples;
  • A concluding statement, where you consider whether the film was successful in its objective.

Avoid These Rookie Mistakes for an Outstanding Paper

There are certain pitfalls that could damage the quality of your work and condemn you to a poor submission. Here are some mistakes that most writers make.

One notable error is failing to focus on the film or digressing. You have a simple task —to review a movie. However, there are some cases where writers get into details not related to the current movie. Although connecting the plot to some historical even could be a good idea, try to avoid unnecessary details or introducing information not related to the film.

Another rookie mistake would be to insert yourself into the review. This paper is not about you, even if you are meant to show your understanding or opinion. Avoid such statements like, “I liked… I saw… or I didn’t like…”

Don’t forget to check facts relating to the film background such as director, release date, and casting. Avoid unsolicited and unsupported opinion. Most importantly, stay away from generalities like ‘that was a good movie’.

When Should You Consider Professional Help?

While the ideal is to always complete all your projects on your own, there are various circumstances that may limit your ability to do so. Some of the reasons that people give for considering expert help include lack of enough time, insufficient skills, and language barriers. Maybe you don’t have time to watch and re-watch the film. Whatever the case, working with a professional ensure that you get a well-written and carefully proofread paper within the agreed timelines.

Go Ahead – Rely on Us for an Excellent Movie Review

Like all other forms of writing, completing a movie review demands time, skills, and patience. If you lack any of these, then it may be a good idea to work with our experienced writers. They have years of experience with such papers and can guarantee quality reviews on time. Don’t hesitate – order your custom film review paper from the best movie review site here.