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How to Write a Thesis Statement for Publication or Scientific Work

The field of science has adopted its written communication methods, one of which is scientific thesis writing. It is essential to write abstracts for a scientific article, reports and publish them in journals for a student or scientist and any specialist from various fields of activity. In the business and science-oriented community, these as a genre of written and speech communication have always been in demand. 

What is Scientific Thesis Writing?

In dictionaries, one can find such a definition of the thesis as a provision that the proving party finds it necessary to inspire the audience. Also, answering the question of what is a thesis statement, we can say that this is a statement to be proven. To motivate an audience in this context means to present strong arguments based on the evidence received.

Scientific theses differ from a scientific article:

  • The limited number of structural parts.
  • The brevity of the idea.
  • Speech capacity.
  • The lack of a detailed analysis, ample justifications for something, quotations from other authors.
  • Small volume for writing a thesis – 1-2 printed pages.

Scientific theses allow:

  • Take part in various scientific conferences seminars, allowing you to express yourself in the scientific community.
  • To draw attention to their views achievements, to interest a potential reader in studying the source text, to promote the practical implementation of the results obtained in production, science, and other fields.
  • Complement your professional achievements, which will be an advantage in employment or career advancement.

By looking at thesis statement examples, you can see precisely how information can be presented to the audience.

How to Write a Thesis Correctly and Competently?

Scientific abstracts are independent scientific work, even if written based on some already prepared research. This is a kind of collection of essential information from the available knowledge of the author of the theses on the most pressing issues of a particular topic or from his scientific research. At this time, this information should be conveyed to the reader in the most concise form.

The requirements for the structure of writing a thesis are somewhat scattered since they are set independently by the publishers of the collections where they are published or by the organizers of the events at which they are to be presented. However, most often, scientific abstracts include the following elements:

  • Introduction.
  • Main part.
  • Conclusion.

Let’s describe the content of each of these structural elements.


This structural part of scientific theses is most often limited by relevance. Briefly, literally in 1-3 sentences, the essence of the current situation is described, the need for solving the problems under study is substantiated. 

The authors who have studied the previously declared topic are listed. The purpose is described below. It is formulated why the study was conducted (logically follows from the previous sections).

Tasks are also described: what was done to achieve the goal is listed. Then the object is indicated, which says that it was studied and the subject in which the object is specified (which part of the object was studied).

At the end of the introduction, the methodology is indicated, and the methods by which the study was carried out are specified. All of these elements should be formulated as concisely as possible.

Main body

The requirements for the main part of scientific theses are also very different. But the following are the most common. Or this is a consistent presentation, reflecting the main stages of the study and the results obtained. Or it is only a reflection of the main reasoned conclusions and results, which are given in a numbered list.

When writing a thesis statement for scientific papers, what should you pay attention to? Do not try to reveal the entire course of the study itself and delve into its details, even if they seem significant and significant. Collect only the main aspects from the text and briefly describe them.

Include sample data and survey forms where appropriate. Also, if necessary, characterize the path of the entire study formulate intermediate and primary results in order of obtaining. And do not forget to focus on the conclusions, which should be correlated with the formulated goal and objectives.

Final part

In this part of the writing a thesis statement shows the usefulness of this work and the role of the results for the area where they can be used. Focus on promising future developments on this topic.

Summarizing all of the above in this article, we note two conceptual factors when writing scientific abstracts. Selective approach to the theses presented to the public and their structural presentation. Following all the requirements dictated by the collection, where these abstracts will be published, or by the event’s organizer, where these abstracts will be read.

Abstract Writing Tips

In order to correctly compose abstracts for defending a dissertation or speaking at a conference, you should follow a few simple recommendations:

  • Determining the type and structure of future abstracts.
  • Setting the right goals, identifying the desired results.
  • The wording of the future title of the work (relevant for participation in conferences).
  • Analysis of the obtained data, their addition and refinement.
  • Logical construction of evidence of the success of ongoing research.
  • Drawing up a plan for the future text.

The author is advised to check the content of the text several times. It is necessary to remove phraseological units, ornateness and cumbersome phrases. If the volume of abstracts exceeds the allowable norms, it should be reduced. For the final check, the work is submitted to the supervisor or project curator.

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