Complete Guide on How to Write a Media Essay
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Complete Guide on How to Write a Media Essay

It’s no doubt the media is a critical component in our society in the 21st century. Whether it the TV, news publications, social media, radio or the Internet, we are all consumers of their content.  A media essays will require that you have an insight into the workings of the mass media. Apart from that, you will be required to identify the genres involved, writing style and your expected audience.

Media essays are categorized into five groups depending on the topic-argumentative, persuasive, compare and contrast, cause and effect and opinion essays. Contrast and compare essays are written to describe differences between media platforms.

If you were to write a paper that exposes the effects or impact of the mass media, then you will have described the cause and effect of the phenomena being studied. An example of an essay focusing on the impact of the social media on our lives will qualify to be an opinion or argumentative essay.

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What Is a Media Essay

Media papers are generally essays written to highlight or analyze the notable aspects of the media that have captured the spheres of our lives and the world.

How to Start a Media Essay

Even before you begin writing a media paper, you need a topic that is engaging. Also, a thesis is another crucial element of the piece as all the argument are based on it. You must remain on the primary subject matter and refrain from losing focus. Your thesis should focus on expounding the main opinions. Continue and analyze the findings and finally adopt a stand on the subject matter.

How to Write a Good Media Essay

Without reliable sources, you will never end up with an excellent essay for sure. Since in most cases the internet offers the most convenient source of content, it’s better to start there, but don’t limit yourself to it. How then do you screen what to ignore and to include?

The first step is to search for content published by news and broadcasting outlets. Depending on the specific area of study, you will find that the information contained in the articles differ from one media entity to another. Carry our fact-checking to ensure you only include reliable sources.


We have other factors to consider if creating a great piece of paper is your priority. One of them is the audience. You have to take into account the standards expected by the audience who are your tutors and examiners.

Since most media essays are either thesis-based or argumentative papers, the final verdict will differ from one student to another. These assays require you to apply rational and critical thinking to state personal position based on your coherent arguments.

Focusing on the questions is another thing to keep you on the right track. But first, you must understand the subject entirely, then develop your answers from the identified problems.

The questions will help you understand the subject matter and the set of argument to develop. Lots of research will be necessary to address the essay topic.

Media Essay Outline

Like all academic papers, you need a clear plan on how to develop the structure of your essay to make sure the ideas and arguments flow chronologically from start to the end of the paper.

Media Essay Structure

A media essay follows a particular structure inclusive of three parts-introduction, body, and a conclusion. The composition of each part of the essay revolves around the thesis.

Media Essay Introduction

The introduction contains the core statement that inducts the reader to what is being covered in the body. Also, you are supposed to include some background information related to the subject or topic and its importance in the study. By doing that, you lay the plan on what is to be discussed and indicate the theoretical value undertaking the work.

Media Essay Body

The body is the central part where you articulate your ideas and arguments. Throughout the body, you must use connectives to link ideas between sentences and paragraphs. This makes the essay easy to understand.

Depending on the topic, you might be prompted to include direct quotes from reliable sources. However, the quotes must be in the context of the analysis to support your main argument.

Your examiner won’t tolerate plagiarism. If you include utterances, statements or ideas from an external source like website or journals, credit or name the owner. As such, use proper citation style to list your sources.

What you write in the body must demonstrate that you understood the argument. Since the arguments are based on what you have researched, the conclusion that you draw should reflect an ability to generate own ideas and opinions base on the topic.

Sometimes the body has a set word count that must be achieved. There is a high tendency by students to repeat ideas to complete the essay. Ensure that you have researched widely to collect enough information to make sure you don’t run out of points to include in the body.

Media Essay Conclusion

The conclusion of a media essay reiterates the central thesis statement or critical issues and their importance in the study, in the view to draw attention to the impact or any required additional research in the future.

It’s a common mistake that some students spend less time writing the conclusion. You should prioritize the conclusion as this is the only way to leave a lasting impression on the reader. In the closing remarks, summarise the essay by drawing a verdict on the findings and then present your overall views.

Media Essay Tips

Looking for pro tips to ensure you polish up your essay writing skills? Check the below pieces of advice that goes further to offer greater inspiration as you prepare to craft a media essay.

  • Create an outline and a structured plan to guide in how to put down your arguments.
  • The main question should direct the points to include in describing the answer.
  • Limit the use of quotation, specific texts and authors.
  • Use formal tone and understandable language.
  • Your introductory paragraph should indicate your grasp on the questions and the outline you intend to follow.
  • Be clear in describing every step of your arguments for more natural understanding.
  • Support your arguments and evidence and don’t forget to cross-check the validity of the sources.
  • Your arguments should demonstrate your knowledge of the subject through the way you put down your point of views.
  • The conclusion should not introduce a new idea, but summarise your arguments and answered questions.
  • Lastly, proofread and revise if necessary. The final document should be free from spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

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