How to Write a Geography Essay: Guide from Tutors
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How to Write a Geography Essay: Guide from Tutors

People face so many problems associated with nature. Geography is one of those disciplines that study such issues. It is a study of locations and the relationships between humans and environments. This science deals with both the way we live and the physical properties of our native planet. It is a popular school and college subject, so you should be ready to write numerous essays for your geography classes.

This post contains everything you need to know about writing a geography essay: from choosing a topic to structuring your work!

What Is a Geography Essay? What Is Its Purpose?

A geography essay is a type of paper that introduces and interprets the origins and existence of various phenomena like earthquakes or global warming. This type of work may cover natural resources like oceans and mountains. Both physical attributes and human-made features are highlighted in geography essays.

How to Start a Geography Essay: Pre-Writing Advice

The process of writing an essay always starts with picking a topic. You should think about the sharpest problems with surrounding that might be of interest. Avoid outdated topics. A student should choose the ideas that he or she understands and has a passion for. The best way to pick the right topic is to have a list of all possible ideas and exclude them one-by-one until a single one is left. Make sure you can find enough information from the trusted sources to analyze the problem and offer possible solutions. No matter how good you are at specific questions, you should always defend your arguments with credible data!

How to Write a Good Geography Essay Step-by-Step

So, we have discussed the importance of choosing the right topic. Then, you should know the outline. Never start working on your writing assignment without having a step-by-step plan that tells which issues to cover and in what order. Developing a draft to guide you into the type of research to conduct is what will help to come up with an informative and convincing paper.

Below, you will find an outline template and example of essay structure.

How Should Geography Essay Outline Look Like?

An outline is something to lead you through the writing process. It is a plan you should stick to while composing your geography paper. Here is a template for you to use:

  • Introduction (topic presentation and thesis statement)
  • Body (3 body paragraphs, each starting with a claim)
  • Conclusion (restated thesis, summary, and solutions)

You may include more than three body paragraphs, but a 5-paragraph essay is a recommended structure.

An Example of Geography Essay Structure

We will discuss a structure of the geography essay on the example of a paper that covers the two main areas of this science: natural and human-made. Here is how your structure may look:

  • Introduction

The way human activities like farming impact environment. Explanation of why this topic is important.

  • Thesis statement

“According to the recent surveys and findings, by 2020, the consequences of global warming will become severe enough to make our planet inhabitable for many living creatures.”

  • Body Paragraphs

Claim #1: Because of global warming, glaciers are actively melting, and the risks of massive floods increase.

Claim #2: The expansion of deserts is another threat associated with global warming. That is the direct risk of running out of water resources and suffering from extra high temperatures (heat).

Claim #3: Finally, global warming possesses numerous risks to the lives of wild animals. Some of them even start mutating.

  • Conclusion

There is no doubt that people have contributed to the severe change in climate. The more they experiment with technologies, the more the adverse consequences are likely to follow in the future. It is essential to derive a way to keep the environment clean and safe until it’s too late.

With a detailed plan for your paper like this one, it’s simpler to see the essay tackles.

Creating an Eye-Catching Geography Essay Introduction

Any essay starts with an introduction. To grab the attention of your readers and make them want to learn more about problems with global warming or other issues related to geography. The best idea is to begin with a shocking fact or statistics to prove that the problem really exists and requires an immediate solution. In other words, start with an intriguing hook to catch an eye of your reader. For instance, you may name the number of people who died and those who stayed without shelter during the last tsunami or earthquake. You may also consider using a quote of an expert or rhetorical question. “Would you like to wake up in a world full of infectious diseases and highly polluted areas one day?” This rhetorical question might be a good example.

In your intro, the main goal is to present and explain the phenomena you’ve chosen to discuss in detail specifying the exact location. Stress the significance of the problem. Like in the example above, you may say what threats the existing issue has to people, animals, or all living creatures and nature.

Enclose your introduction with a thesis statement that you will have to defend throughout the paper.

Crafting a Well-Organized Geography Essay Body

You should focus on theory without forgetting to include examples in the body of your essay. Recall specific life cases or episodes from your own experience that can prove your point of view. In the body, try to provide answers to such questions as “what,” “where,” and “why.” Geography paper usually requires presenting a relevant case study and solving it.

Here are some other things to keep in mind while working on the geography paper body:

  • Make sure that everything you write relates to the thesis statement (main argument of the entire writing).
  • Include relevant tables, graphs, images, and diagrams.
  • Add proven facts and statistics from credible sources. A geography paper should be full of names, locations, dates, and numbers.
  • Try to sound as objective as possible as it is not a reflection paper where you reveal personal experience. Do not say that something is impossible if you cannot find a proof and vice versa.
  • Divide all your arguments/claims into different categories not to get lost.

The last step is to connect the paragraphs with the help of transition words and phrases (use them at the beginning of every paragraph and the end).

Geography Essay Conclusion: Ending up Your Paper

Writing a conclusion is a challenge as it has to leave a long-lasting impression and make your teacher decide on the final grade. You should involve more than a summary of the entire essay. After providing a general outlook and paraphrasing the thesis statement, a student should include personal opinion based on the findings. You should offer effective solutions or advice to prevent some issues in the future and change the things for better. Remind the reader of why the proposed topic is important. Do not include any new info or questions.

Final Geography Essay Tips

Once you are done with writing the paper, we have several more recommendations for you.

  • Check all the visual elements like images and graphs to make sure they are relevant and properly
  • Create a bibliography list on a separate page of your work after the conclusion. Cite all sources based on the recommended citation format.
  • Proofread and edit your paper before submitting. Delete all the grammar mistakes and add what is missing.

If you feel like writing a geography paper is a real challenge that you cannot handle, you should think about hiring professional writers to help with your assignments. We have such experts on board! All you need to do is fill out the order form on our website, specifying what we should do for you. The result of our cooperation will be a perfectly written essay on geography!