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“Give me your dinner money, punk!”

Sounds painfully familiar to you? Relax. Your time for humiliation in theschool yard is probably in the past. Unless you have a mean college teacher who likes to get on nerves doubting your mental abilities in front of the whole class.


If you think that bullying can be expected just from mean kids in high school, you are totally wrong.Unfortunately, it permeated each aspect of school life. In a way, many people have bitter feelings about old school days not just because of bully-type kids around them, but also because their teachers, to say the least, treated them like dirt.

A famous writer John Rosemond, the author of numerous books on education, clearly remembers his school teacher Mrs. Grimsley who used to humiliate him. She would refer to his creative writing workslikenothing else but a “bunch of trash.” As a matter of fact, what is now is perceived as bullying, in old days was considered to be an effective method of teaching. No wonder that little Rosemond has been indoctrinated that Mrs. Grimsley cared about him.

Humiliation perception differences

Let’s step aside from Mr. Resemond for a moment. Meet Chimlin, a student from Thailand. At school, he wasn’t a stellar student. Neither was he a truant. He confessed that when he was a schoolboy, he used to go with bruised hands. Chimlin’s teacher, according to his words, never missed a chance to slap him for untidy writing.


According to the observations, corporal punishment is common for Thai schools. It is due to the peculiarity of their culture that theteacher is god-alike. A superior.In fact, on the very first day of each school year Thai students are supposed to bring gifts and kneel down while their teacher sits on an improvised throne.

Spoken bullying

Verbal bullying is prevailing thetype of bullying. It is hard to argue with the fact that verbal bullying is hard to expose. It doesn’t leave any scars or bruises. At least on the outside.Above all, verbal bullying is aimed at establishing the superiority. In addition to the expected students’ obeying, the teacher gets the reputation of the all-mighty superior. But it is hardly so. It has been proven that bully teachers do not master engaging teaching methods to win respect and attention of the class.


Remember the “Bad Teacher” movie? Here are some abusive phrases uses by Ms. Halsey.

“You are stupid!”

“That is even stupider!”

“Stupidly misspelled word.”

“Jesus! Is this English?”

“Are you kidding me?”

“That is pathetic!”


These are typical bullying phrases. If fictitious Ms. Halsey or real Mrs. Grimsley cared enough about their student success, they would have chosen other means of conveying their outrage about students’ illiteracy more thoroughly. Instead they had to say:

“I’m really disappointed in you.”

“You could have done better than this.”

“This is not your usual standard.”

“I’m expecting a better result next time.”

Surprisingly, but lots of teachers forget that politeness goes a long way in winning trust and love of students.

Low grades as a result of psychological pressure

Constant insults, teasing, nicknaming.Racist and sexist jokes. All of this causes psychological collapse. Apart from constant anxiety, bullying is the reason for low self-esteem and insecurity. In fact, bullying is proven to be one of the reasons for low test scores.

Keeping this in mind, every bullied student has to decide whether his teacher is worth time and attention. And if there is no other option, fight back: Just for the sake of ajoke.