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Why Should I Submit a Guest Post?

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What are guest posts? By definition, guest posts are simply blog posts published on a website by a writer who is not an owner of the site nor a member of the blogging team. He or she is commonly known as a guest writer. Nowadays guest posts are becoming a common trend among different websites that focus on specific audiences. It has become a new way of exchanging information and increasing the dynamism of one’s content. There are various benefits of letting a post on your website or being a guest and posting your blog on a different website. More of these are discussed below:

Ways in Which Guest Posting Can Enhance Online Presence

There are three major reasons why guest posting is a crucial task for any blogger in building a solid online following:

  • Helps in enhancing relationships

Every blogger needs good content to thrive. Therefore, by contributing “pure gold” to another person’s website, you build a strong bond with them. Majority of conversations taking place over the internet and in social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook are comprised of bloggers. What’s more, some of them are highly influential and can attract masses. This factor makes it very beneficial to have them as close friends. Therefore, by making friendships with other bloggers through guest posting, you stand a chance of tremendously enhancing your online influence. This leads to a higher conversion of new subscribers

  • Search engine visibility

Before making the post, ensure that the host blogger includes a link to your blog somewhere.

In most cases, it can either be at the beginning or the end.  This should be a non-negotiable factor for the sake of your online visibility.  With time, backlinking is sure to raise your blog’s value to search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex. Your content, therefore, becomes easier to search and obtain.

  • New Audiences

Guest posts allow you to send your message to a different established community apart from your followers. Once you reach out to this new audience and give them your mind, you will notice that over time, you convert new followers. However, be careful if all you do is to ask for something or sell a product. Though you might make a higher sales conversion, you will end up with a bad reputation. You will be perceived as “that guy” who is only out to sell his/her agenda. Reputation is also paramount for your online brand. Add value by helping people solve a problem, exercise patience, and in the end you stand to win.

How to Write Spectacular Guest Posts That Editors Will Admire

Having the opportunity to reach out to a new audience without establishing your blog is fun. However, the fun ends upon realising that editors will not just publish any content. For this reason, you must create and deliver winning content that editors find irresistible. However, how do you achieve this? The following are a few things to consider if you want to submit a quality post:

  • Know why guest posts are needed

The primary aim of an editor is not to promote you and showcase how brilliant you are in writing. That is your job. Editors aspire to build their publications and keep sharing fresh content and expert ideas with the audience. Therefore, the chief reason why a guest writer is invited is to add fresh ideas. Take this into account before you think about submitting your post. As yourself, “How is this content going to help the editor and his/her blog achieve its goals? Also, note that being relevant is as crucial as originality. Go through the host’s blog and check out their content. Find out which content spurs more interest from the readers.

  • Find the appropriate content

It is evident that nowadays audiences consume their content in a variety of ways. Editors are also taking note of this trend. As such some editors are starting to have a preference for a particular type of content apart from writing. These include video, podcasts, infographics among others. However, you do not have to be great at other forms of content creation. Research has shown that written content is still the most efficient and scalable content forms you can utilise. Furthermore, it remains the fundamental format for guest postings. However, if you are good at creating other forms of content, do not hesitate to exploit guest post opportunities either.

  • Avoid too much reflection on self

This is among the biggest of mistakes bloggers make. Talking too much about yourself. Editors do not want overly promotional material in guest posts. Most blogs and sites already have adverts. Therefore, they do not need an extra advert in the form of a post. Focus more on original content and use ideas that add value to the lives of the readers.

  • Submit quality work

Though the work of an editor is to crosscheck articles for quality, they are not supposed to be taking care of your dirty work. Submit posts that have already been edited and curated such that they are ready for posting. Papers riddled with too much grammatical and spelling errors are a turn off to most editors and might reduce the probability of having your post published or getting another invite to write.

  • Create good pitches

While pitching your article through email, ensure that it is a high-quality pitch. Most editors of reputable blogs and websites probably receive thousands of pitches each day. Therefore, you need to stand out from the crowd through an eye-catching pitch. avoid attaching your article to emails that read, “Please try to read this if you have time.” Instead, reflect on the effort you put towards writing the blog and the quality of the content itself. Write your pitch in a clear and organised manner. It should capture the attention of the editor.

How to be Outstanding While Writing SEO Guest Post

The first step in creating great guest posts with good SEO links is to conduct keyword research. Free tools can also do a great job at this, so you do not have to spend any money. Likewise, ensure that you write on topics that people have a great interest in. Alternatively, even you can ask specific questions about, i.e.  “Answer the public” technique.

The next step is to ensure that your post has an SEO title in addition to a meta-description.  This is the SEO requirement and whoever publishes the work has to undertake this task. Save them the time by including them. Your title needs to be 60-65 characters and must include the target keyword. It is better to put the keyword(s) at the beginning and optimise them. Make both your title and meta-descriptions as clear as possible. One should easily understand them, and they must be compelling or interesting enough to stimulate a click from a reader.

Your posts need to be optimised for the search engine. They should have high levels of uniqueness and be interesting.  Keywords need to occur naturally within the texts. Your Utilize sensible subheadings and include unlicensed or reusable images. Rename the images using your keywords and use hyphens instead of spaces.

After that, you need to edit and proofread your posts. Ensure the post is in active voice and do not write extremely long and awkward sentences that prove difficult to follow through. Lastly, but not so important, offer to create your post using the site’s Content Management System (CMS).  Different CMSs have different formatting styles. This saves the editor from the extra tasks of having to format and optimise images. Therefore, your post can be published faster.

Tips On Writing a Business Guest Post and the Like

Promoting your business through blogging and social media has proven to be an effective method of reaching out to new markets with a relatively low investment.  For you to achieve this objective, you will need to identify and write about good content that will surely convert. What’s, more allowing other third-party contributions to your blogs provide the audience with some benefits.

First, it gives the audience a new perspective on their usual topics. You are also likely to retain your audience and also bring more traffic due to fresh content. When it comes to writing guest posts on other websites, you also enhance your outreach to a new audience and build stronger connections. Ensure that you improve on both your writing and marketing skills to produce selling content.

Optimise your social media profiles on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Instagram. Create share buttons that link your posts to such websites. Lastly, identify and get in contact with the industry influencers. You can do a simple keyword search, e.g., “low carbohydrate diets” on the major search engines. Go to the top ten sites and note a website you would like to make health guest post and start pitching to them. Do the same procedure for technology topics in case you need to write a technology submit guest post.

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