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A Winning Definition Essay Example on Success

The meaning of success is different for different people. Despite your understanding of success, it contains several ingredients that are universal. Find our what they are in this article.

What Is a Definition Essay?

A definition essay is a piece of text that seeks to explain what a term or an idea means. The term to define may be abstract, or it may be concrete. A definition essay about a concrete term may not be very straightforward. On the contrary, an essay about an abstract idea has a lot to explore.


If you are looking for definition essay examples here is a great one below. Read and enjoy!

Success – as in life success – is different for everyone, the meaning of it, that is. For some, it may mean financial success, where a good deal of money has been earned throughout one’s career; enough money to never have to worry about money ever again. Success to others means having certain accomplishments – like writing a book, starting a business that sustains itself, or building a house. Most people want success, in whatever form they see it, but only a few people are willing to work hard enough to reach success – because it takes real commitment to become successful. Nonetheless, there is a formula for success – and it requires just three simple ingredients.

A person has to first have an objective if they want to be as successful as they dream of being. In other words, the first ingredient in the recipe for success is the person knowing what they want, what it is exactly that they year for: The thing that drives them the most. Success could be selling a script to a Hollywood filmmaker, getting drafted by the NBA, becoming a millionaire by 30. In any case, any person truly wanting and yearning for success first needs to figure out what they want that will equate to success, in their minds. A target means nothing if it is not first seen and pursued.

The second ingredient in the recipe for success is a person figuring how they will get what they want, in terms of success. A goal means nothing without accomplishing a series of sub-goals, which requires a person figuring out how exactly they will do it. Successful people are successful because they had a goal in mind and they created a plan that would ensure them accomplishing it. It really is that simple. Goals play a big role in accomplishing anything. When people focus on achieving something, they embrace what is called “The Law of Attraction.” They think of it all the time, fixate on it, live it each day until it happens and they accomplish this goal – which then translates to success in their minds.

Lastly, a person yearning for success, faced with the desire to fulfill a goal, must also determine the price they are willing to pay to obtain this success, which takes commitment and sacrifice. It means molding one’s entire life just to accomplish that one goal. It’s not easy to do. A person has to ask what they are willing to give up in order to be successful. This could entail ending burdensome, futile relationships and habits, giving up on the nightlife and instead becoming an early bird, and making work a habit. Our habits are what define us – and they are also what separate successful people from failures. It sounds harsh and insensitive, but one’s habits become who they are – and this is a reality not everyone is willing to accept.


To conclude, the notion of success varies from person to person, meaning something completely different by each individual – from wealth to a robust social life, from a nice apartment in New York City to providing for a family in the suburbs. It doesn’t matter really, but people who want success need to commit to it. It takes this simple recipe – of figuring out what one wants, how they’re going to get it, as well as what they are willing to give up for it – for one to do what it takes to be successful. We all want to be successful and financially stable and happy and fulfilled. But not everyone is willing to do what it takes to be successful. Which is why they must be honest with themselves and plan the rest of their life – or at least the next five years of their life – according to what they want to get the most out of life.

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