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The introduction is one of the main chapter’s in a dissertation. The chapter is formulated to state the purpose and objectives of the study. Also, it informs the reader on what the paper entails and the reasons for selecting the subject. Situated between the abstract and literature review, the introduction should be catchy to grab the attention of the reader.

Polished writing skills are necessary to ensure that students can write the introduction on their own. Chances that a student will craft an outstanding introduction and successfully submit the paper are very slim. But, why is this the case? The most common reason is lack of adequate writing skills that leads to the inclusion of many mistakes in the chapter. Eventually, the examiner will definitely spot the flaws and return the paper from revision.

Lack of enough time to write the introduction chapter has been identified as another challenge facing university students. A large chunk of learner’s time is spent juggling the huge workload and demanding paid job. Considering these circumstances, it will be difficult to formulate an outstanding introduction on your own. Such frustrating experiences are what guides our mission to assist the student to get the most out of their university experience.

A student is required to learn research skills to apply in writing the dissertation. Unfortunately, you might not get enough support from your tutors. However, do not panic! With professional assistance, you can submit a flawless paper including a well-written introduction. The introduction falls among the firsts chapter that will be read by the examiner. As such, there is no way around crafting a catchy chapter.

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Are you asking how long the discussion chapter should be? Well, we don’t have a particular word count or page limits. The length will sorely be determined by the total length of the dissertation. However, it should not be as long as a chapter. The most important considerations are to make your statement will clearly define the research question and its objective. Brief few sentences should be enough to set the scene for the dissertation’s theoretical framework and literature review.

 Simple Guide on How to Create Dissertation Introduction Structure

Interestingly, the introduction, abstract and conclusions chapters may be the last part that you may write in your dissertation. Reason for this? The ideas in a dissertation will change during the process or writing. Hence, if you write the introduction first, it is highly likely that you will have to re-write it eventually. Besides, both the introduction and conclusion are closely tied with a single idea portraying the overall picture of the dissertation.

Before starting to write the introduction, you need to be aware of the particular details to include. The first introduction statement should indicate the preliminary background information of your paper. After that, you need to state the value and objectives of your research.  Then, using an engaging tone and examples, describe the purpose of the study. Lastly, convince the reader about the relevance of the study.

You will need a dissertation introduction outline to ensure that you include relevant and major points.  Since the dissertation is written to capture research, the structure will feature a particular format. Just like the paper has a chapter, the introduction feature basic parts that you must consider. These are the elements that make up the dissertation introduction structure:  Introduction to the research, a brief background of the problem, reasons for the study, research question, significance of the research, the definition of terms, limitations of study and assumptions and conclusion.

A poorly-written introduction will ruin the efforts that have gone in formulating the entire dissertation. Don’t let a chapter mess the whole objective of compiling the paper. Save your time and secure good grades by hiring our dependable writers. We can write an introductory chapter that has refined clarity and coherence that summarizes the whole dissertation.

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