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A dissertation or thesis is a writing assignment that is offered at the Ph.D. or Master’s levels of education as the final assignment of the course. Such a task is similar to a research project that you have to complete to fulfill the requirements of an undergraduate or postgraduate program.

As you very well know, academic writing assignments are activities that you cannot avoid in school. Therefore, you should be prepared to tackle your dissertations and thesis, which are considerably longer papers compared to other documents you may be required to deliver during the entirety of your school life.

The main reason why you write a dissertation is to provide new information or advance existing research into a particular subject as a result of a comprehensive investigation into the subject matter. As a result, your dissertation can take up a lot of your time, and you may still not get the desired outcome. Especially if this is your first one.

Arguably, you may have had some practice with other writing assignments, but a dissertation is in a whole other level of writing assignments. You may be able to conduct research, analyze and interpret the information, but the presentation of your final draft may be lacking some key elements of a high-quality dissertation.

Therefore, you should look for the best dissertation proofreading and editing company online to help you complete your dissertation. The company should above all be reliable and affordable. We are such a company, where you can get the best editing and proofreading help.

Challenges Faced when Proofreading and Editing A Dissertation

We understand that you have already spent a considerable amount of time working on your dissertation, collecting data, developing your methodology, presenting your results on the same and presenting your deduction on the subject. Why should you invest so much time and then settle for an average editing service?

Our proofreading and editing process is the last step after completing your writing. Though most students confuse the terms editing and proofreading which they often use interchangeably. However, there are still some significant differences. Proofreading, as the term suggests, involves the identification and correction of superficial mistakes in your dissertation such as punctuation, syntax, grammar and general formatting.

On the other hand, editing takes into account the flow and structure of your dissertation content. While it still encompasses some elements of proofreading it focusses on improving the structure of the dissertation to make it easier to read and comprehend. Therefore, being an essential part of the writing process, we conduct both proofreading and editing multiple times to ensure we refine the final draft of your dissertation to its best form. However, in some instances, you may only ask for proofreading and not editing, with the fear that the meaning of your dissertation may be altered. In our experience, both proofreading and editing are necessary as we can assure you that the focus of your thesis will not be changed in any way.

Our Editing and Proofreading Services

Most students take it upon themselves to write their dissertations on their own, which is good. Since it may be their first dissertation, they are likely to make some mistakes during the writing process, and it is for that reason that they need good editing and proofreading services to help them deliver their points more effectively.

After writing your dissertation, and spending hours looking at it is difficult to identify any mistakes in the writing as you have to change your perspective from being the writer to the reader. Since it is not as easy as it sounds, most of you need our professional services to help you finalize your dissertation and make it ready for submission. We know it takes a lot of courage and confidence to entrust us with your editing and proofreading. It may be a stressful and time-consuming endeavor, but it is totally worth it at the end of it all because it contributes to more than 50% of your final grade.

We have a team of expert writers and editors in various academic fields with years of experience proofreading and editing student papers. Therefore, it is in your best interest that you make it easier for our editors to help with the editing and proofreading by taking the writing process more seriously. But the process is only successful if you are able to get a good company such as ours to edit and proofread the content of your paper at the best dissertation editing rates.

Why Do You Need Editing and Proofreading Services

We can help you improve the quality of your dissertation and offer you many other benefits. At our company, we employ native English-speaking editors and proofreaders to help with your dissertations. Most of our editors are also writers with years of experience in their respective academic fields. They understand the need to get this right on the first attempt and will deliver to meet or even surpass your expectations.

Also, the editors are likely to provide you with better techniques of presenting your ideas in future writing tasks by ensuring the outlook of your dissertation is improved to better communicate the focus of your dissertation. Our editors leave nothing to chance as they analyze every aspect of your dissertation and to provide suggestions to enhance its overall quality and effectiveness.

Advantages of Our Proofreading and Editing Services

You will be happy to find out that all the services we provide, proofreading and editing included, are tailored to fit into a student’s budget. We offer affordable packages with the aim that students from all over the world can enjoy our services. Below are a few more advantages of our proofreading and editing services:

  • Security and confidentiality

Most students are always in fear that all their hard work will be copied and resold to others. You can rest easy as we assure you that your dissertation is secure and your confidentiality is our primary concern. Any data and information shared on the website are not shared with any third parties.

  • Originality

No two dissertations should be similar, and that is why we provide plagiarism detection as part of our editing services. We cite every external source of information and eliminate all copied content from your dissertation giving it a unique and original take on the theme of the dissertation.

  • On-time delivery

Time management is a significant problem for students, and their primary reason for requiring our editing help is to be able to complete their dissertation in time for submission. We always strive that we deliver each of our client’s dissertations before the deadline has reached to allow you enough time to countercheck it and prepare for submission.

  • Professional dissertation formatting

The presentation of your dissertation is also assessed after you submit your paper for marking. This is why we format your content to adhere to the required style guides such as Harvard, Chicago, Bluebook, MLA, and APA, which are the most commonly used styles.

  • 24-7 customer support facilities

We work round the clock to deliver on each of our client’s dissertations. Thus we have implemented a team of dedicated support team members to streamline the entire process and provide clients with information about the packages we offer as well as progress on their orders. In case you have any queries or doubts there will always be someone to answer you at our company.

How to Pay for Our Dissertation Editing Services UK

Click on order now button for an instant redirect to the order form. Here you will be required to provide specific information about yourself and upload the paper you need to be edited and proofread. Remember that your confidentiality is our primary concern. Thus you should provide accurate contact details to facilitate any future communication.

The price is calculated automatically based on the total number of words in the dissertation, urgency, level of education and technical nature of the paper. During the final step, you are required to confirm that all the details are correct before proceeding to the payment portal. You can pay easily and securely with any of the provided payment options that are convenient for you.

Depending on the length of your dissertation and the set deadline it will be completed within a few hours to a couple of days. During this time, you can contact the support team to inquire about its progress or provide new instructions. Once the process is complete, the refined dissertation is delivered to your message board where you can download and confirm that all your requirements have been met.

The document will have two copies of the same document, one with all the changes highlighted and another that is ready for submission. You don’t have to worry about editing or proofreading your dissertation, as you have nothing to lose when you choose our company. Since we started our customer satisfaction rate has increased and with the 100% money back guarantee in place, our dissertation editing UK services are reliable and trustworthy enough to assure you of a refined dissertation on time. Place your first order today.