Types of discursive writing essays
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Types of discursive writing essays

Learn how to structure a discursive essay

Discursive essays are meant to present a discussion on a particular topic by exploring the opposing views. Students are often given such an assignment in colleges and universities to develop their critical and analytical skills.

It is therefore crucial that as a student you handle these assignments seriously. By writing such essays you will acquire integrative and problem solving skills which will play a great role in your future career. Click on discursive essay to get more tips and ideas.

In this article we will deal with various types of discursive writing so that you can develop your understanding of them. Discursive writing is generally divided into three categories.

For and against discursive writing

In these types of essays students are given a topic and they have to present supporting and opposing points on it. You should consider various issues and use examples to back the claims of the writers. You should provide reasons behind the claims.

There is a general structure of a discursive essay which is as follows.

In the introduction you should explain the topic without any opinion. The main body should be divided into several paragraphs each dedicated to a particular point.

In the first 2-3 paragraphs present the argument for the topic and the justification along with examples and reasons.

In the next 2-3 paragraphs you should present the argument against the topic. You must provide justifications with the help of examples and reasons.

The concluding paragraph should be a strong one in which you have to sum up both the point of views and balance them.

Opinionated discursive writing

In these types of essays the student has to present the opinion of the writer on his own theory. The student has to conduct extensive research and provide information which supports the opinion of the writer. The opposite theory should also be present but the student will try to convince the readers that the writer’s opinion is the correct one.

2-4 paragraphs should be dedicated to your viewpoints on why you support the opinion and also examples and reasons.

In the 5th paragraph you must mention the opposing views. Here also examples and reasons should be present to back the claims.

These discursive essays will also have a concluding paragraph in which you will summarize and restate your opinion.

Solution to a problem

In the introduction you should state the problem and explain its cause and effect.
The main body should be divided into several paragraphs in which you should analyze the topic. This type of essay calls for thorough research to comprehend the topic and analyze it. Your essay must contain examples and real life results to make the readers concur with your views.

In the concluding paragraph you have to summarize your opinion.

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