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If you have been applying for jobs, but you never seem to get any feedback from your potential employers, and yet deep down you know you readily meet the skill requirements for the said jobs, you should not be frustrated anymore.

Our proficient writers are here to assist you to create the best CV you could make to increase your chances of landing that job.

When you apply for a job whose skill requirements you already meet, and yet you still don’t get an interview it usually shows that there are flaws in your curriculum vitae. Your CV might be hampering your chances of succeeding. Our professional writers offer superb Curriculum Vitae writing services to help you get a good job.

Some of the reasons that you may require our Curriculum Vitae writing services would include the following:

  • You want to switch careers, and you need a new CV that explicitly highlights your intentions of changing careers,
  • You may want to upgrade an old CV by adding new and recent information so as to make the CV more attractive, but you do not know how to go about it.
  • Your recent job hunting attempts haven’t been successful, so you now need a professionally written CV to change your luck.
  • You work in a really competitive industry, so you need an illustrious CV to give you an edge over your competitors.

You might be asking yourself why we think we are the best and why we are so confident that we can give you a competitive edge by just giving you a nicely worked professional CV. Well, before we get even to start drafting anyone’s CV, we ensure we get in contact with our clients on a one on one basis. This helps us get to know the individual client better so that we can fully understand exactly what it is that they need hence increasing the chances of creating a CV  that gets you an interview and in the long run a job.

After contact with the client, our professional writers get to study the client’s information and then come up with a nicely worked professional CV with all the needed information hence increase the chances of the client to attain a job.

Our charges are very affordable and plus if we create for you a CV and you are not satisfied with it, we will work closely with you and change it until when you will be fully happy because customer satisfaction is one of the core values of our organization.

Consequently, after your CV is done, we add it to our database hence exposing your information to a lot of potential employers, therefore, maximizing your chances of landing a job.

We make sure we give our clients the utmost attention and do our best to ensure we give them high-quality work to improve their chances in the job hunting environment. So if you ever feel like you are stuck and your star is not shining anymore, do not hesitate! Contact us for a chance to polish your CV and help brighten your future again.

Precepts for Unbeatable Professional CV Writing

When looking for a job, the greatest and most important tool in your arsenal is the CV. All CVs are somehow different as each individual tries to sell his skills suitability to the job opening available, but they all do essentially follow the same format.

The secret to success is knowing how to write a good CV. A good CV can really bring you waves of success while a substandard one would only bring rejection.

But first things first, what is a CV? The CV is a short form for curriculum vitae which is Latin for “course of life.” It is a personal document that is used to highlight one’s skills and competencies to potential future employers.

A CV is usually required when one is looking to be employed in a certain firm.

Components of a Good Professional CV

Though all CVs might be different because they are written by or for completely different individuals, all professional CVs follow a similar outline and contain the following components/ sections;

  • Personal information and contact details section. These details are located at the top part of your cv. However, while stating this information, one must be careful to avoid redundant information such as religion and the names of one’s children. One should also avoid naming their CV “Curriculum Vitae” or “CV’ but instead should use their name as the title.
  • The next section is called the personal profile or professional It is the next section right under the contact detail section. It shows potential employers a general overview of the CV writer. The personal profile should be kept as short and precise as possible so as not to bore the potential employers. It should be specifically tied to the specific job that is being applied for at the time of writing the CV. This is usually done by answering a simple question like who you are, what are your career goals and what do you have to offer the company skill wise hence making it one of the most important aspects of a CV.
  • The next section contains information regarding your experience and employment history. Here you get the chance to give all the information regarding any work experience you have had even under internship. You should make sure to list your experience starting with the most recent as this is the most important one and finishing with the first one you ever had (reverse chronological order).
    • You then state your job title, employer, position of employment and the dates that you worked. Where one has a long list, it is always advisable to start by listing the tasks that are most relevant to the job that you are applying for at the moment. This helps prevent you from writing lots of unwanted information on the CV. You can always delete positions that you held 10 years ago and beyond.
  • After the employment history section, you now move to the education and qualification section. Just like the employment section, the information here should be listed in a reverse chronological manner. Make sure you include the name of your institution first, then the date that you were there and then lastly the grade that you achieved.
    • After adding this information, you are nearly done for now. However, there is other additional information that you may add to spice up your curriculum vitae. This additional information includes and is not limited to; highlighting your key If you have some abilities that you feel you should make the employer notice right away, then you can always include a Key Skills sections right after your personal profile section. However, you should make sure you don’t overcrowd this section. Four to five skills are the utmost number one should showcase.
  • Adding hobbies and interest section at the end of your CV is also another good idea especially when you feel like you need to spice it up. However, you should only include those hobbies that are relevant to the particular job in question. Make sure you avoid including hobbies that do not add any value with respect to the job you are applying for, for example watching movies.
  • The last section is the references section. Nowadays this section is no longer standardized. You do not have to include it in your CV. Just like you still do not have to include your address in your CV too. If you do not have enough space for it, then you can do away with it altogether. However, where you include this section, make sure you give a minimum of three referees.

Wow! That is a lot of information right? However, all this information should not have you panicking. Our professional CV writing service is at your disposal at very affordable rates to help draft very eloquent and catchy eye CVs to boost your chances at job landing.

Our skilled professional writers are well vetted and able to tie your individual writing needs to your specific job target to help you highlight your strengths and land the job of your dreams. Don’t stress yourself up anymore. Call us and let us help spice up your job searching experience!

Fundamentals of writing a CV UK

Although we said that all CVs follow a standardized format, writing a good CVfor job applications in the UK is slightly different from the generic methods the rest of the world is used to.

For instance, the standard length for a professional CV in the UK is usually two pages. However, some employers do prefer the standard three paged CVs though.

Each heading that introduces any section on your CV must be written in big bold letters to ensure easy recognition and legibility.

Clear font types like Calibri and Arial are preferred as most CVs are sent via digital format. A different font type can be used for heading, but one should make sure the font is clear and easily legible.

When it comes to font size and paper margin, in the UK the body of your CV should be between 10 and 12 font size and all headings and sub-headings should be bold and between 14 and 18 points in font size. The page margins should be 2.5 cm and 1.27 cm at a minimum.

Always proofread your CV to ensure that your formatting is consistent throughout your document. This, in turn, ensures that your document is clean and precise as you have eliminated all typos and grammatical errors.

Since most applications in the UK are submitted digitally, tying your application to the specific role being applied for is very important as not only does it make it easier for employers to obtain your information, it also makes it compatible to ATS systems hence making digital platforms job application easier.

Lastly, you are required to save your CV online especially where you are sending your application via email or on job boards like CV library as these make it possible for potential employers to access your email on any device anywhere in the country.

However, when creating a CV for job application in the UK one should avoid including sensitive information like one’s photo, age, date of birth and marital status as this information is seen to have no bearing on the ability of a person to perform a particular task.

Proficient CV Writing Service UK Available for Hire Today

We pride ourselves to have the best writer in our ranks. Our professionals are put through a thorough vetting process that ensures we only choose the most talented people to work with us.

This ensures that every Curriculum Vitae that we write is thoroughly checked and free of errors and mistakes. We never outsource our CVs. Each CV we create is custom made and specifically tailored to the personal profile and specific job target of our customer. In short, we are the best CV writing service available out there.

Do not stress out yourself anymore. Just contact us, and we guarantee to fulfill each and every need you might have concerning Curriculum Vitae writing. Do not hesitate. Call us NOW!