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We all know that no one ever gets a second chance to make a good first impression. As a job seeker, your resume is usually your most important tool if you want to impress all potential employers. Therefore it is always best to ensure that your resume is written professionally.

Having an attractive resume is important because it catches the attention of the recruiter which in turn helps to present you in the most positive light possible therefore increasing your chances for an interview tenfold and possibly help you land the job of your dreams.

With the cut-throat competition for job opportunities experienced in the business world today, it totally pays to have an outstanding and uniquely designed resume layout as it removes most of the guesswork from the resume creation process and in so doing puts one a notch above the competition. Nowadays, competition is so fierce that having a good or a bad resume can ultimately decide if one gets a particular job or not.

A resume template is essentially a preset format that helps you create your resume easily, quickly and in a unique and attractive manner. It usually helps you attune the resume to a particular job application and still gives you a chance to give it a personal touch without making it unprofessional.

Normally, recruiters usually have an average of six seconds to skim over a resume and decide if the particular candidate/ applicant has got what it takes to work for their company. Factoring in the fact that employers usually receive a large number of resumes at any one time pertaining to a specific vacancy, it means that one then has very little time to impress their future employer and increase their recruitment chances.

It then makes a lot of sense to use resume templates to fast track the resume creation process without compromising on quality. A good resume template usually guides the writer on the right way to create a good resume and also helps answer most of the common questions asked by job seekers. For example, it eliminates questions on what information one should omit and what one should include in the resume, how does one format their work experience and lastly if the resume is missing any relevant information.

Any good resume usually has three basic sections. These sections include:

  • A section to input contact information which has one’s name, phone number, city, state and any other information regarding the physical location of the resume’s writer.
  • The second section is the work experience section. Here one inputs information regarding ones past working experience which includes company name, company city, and state, job title, description of skills pertaining to the specific job, responsibilities, accomplishment and the start and end dates of the particular job.
  • The third and final section is the Education background section. Here one inputs information regarding his education background up to the time he or she is writing the resume. This includes the level of education attained, the graduation year and the name of the said institution.

When it comes to choosing a good resume template, it is always important to first decide which type of resume format would be able to work best with.

There are three main formats of resumes. For example, there are chronological resumes, hybrid resumes, and functional resumes. All these formats showcase ones work history in a different manner.

There are three main types of resume templates namely;

  1. The first one is the ATS-friendly resume template.

These types of resume templates are essentially layouts for those resumes that are to be uploaded onto an online platform as part of the application process. These resumes are compatible to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) which parse out the text and makes it searchable on a digital platform which in turn makes it easy to store and or import the information onto a uniform digital candidate profile.

  1. The second type of resume templates is the Digital resume template.

This type of resume template is characterized by info-graphics, images, fonts, colors, customized sections and is usually heavily designed. These types of resume templates are very effective for those applicants seeking jobs in creative fields. However, resumes created from this layout can have shortcomings for jobs in the regular fields (non-creative industries). This is so because the heavy designs of the resume could make it hard for recruiters to notice some qualifications of the applicant, having ones photo on the resume could also rule you out as recruiters go an extra step to avoid discrimination claims. Lastly, these types of resumes might cause errors or be formatted by an ATS system

  1. The third type of resume templates is the minimalist resume template.

In this type of resume template, everything is geared toward bringing maximum focus onto the contents of the resume. It is all about a clean look and maximum legibility. Despite what it sounds like, Minimalist resumes are the opposite of boring. Usually, they can be very stylish, modern and professional.

Minimalist resume templates usually work very well with ATS systems and also allows the applicant lots of room for the applicant to add a bit more on the work experience section compared to the other two resume template types.

As the job market gets saturated, recruiters are opting to go for creative and out of the box thinkers. Having a fascinating resume surely pulls you to the top of the line. We know that job hunting is very stress full. That’s why we have a large number of creatively designed resume templates of different types geared to help you easily and quickly come up with an attractive resume that will ultimately grab your recruiters’ attention.

Affordable Executive Career Tailored Custom Resume Service Available

Saturation of the job market not only makes it hard to find a job, but it also makes landing the job of your dreams even more difficult. Since competition is extremely tough, an exceptional resume that details your credential, abilities, and skills that are necessary to attract potential employers then becomes the best tool that one can utilize to grab the opportunity as soon as it arises.

However, just having a resume is not enough, the ability to create a resume that uniquely identifies and details your strengths and ties them to a specific job opportunity then becomes a paramount skill that makes or breaks the career of a person.

A superb resume attracts the attention of a potential employer and ensures them that you have what it takes to meet the requirements of the particular vacancy in question. Our resume writing service puts you in touch with professional writers who are equipped with the skills to come up with excellent resumes that are specifically tailored to your needs. Our writers are well versed and very proficient in the resume writing field which puts them in a unique position to provide you with accomplished resumes as they fully understand what employers want.

If you are searching for the best custom resume writing service available online, then you are in luck and in the right place. Our skilled professional will listen to you in a one on one consultation to make sure we come up with a resume that represents you.

You may ask yourself why we call ourselves the best in the business. That is because our writers analyze our customer’s profile and tailor each and every resume to the exact needs of the customer. We make sure to showcase all your achievements to help make you noticeable to employers and hence help you stand apart from the rest.

Not only do we create resumes that are tailored to the strengths and needs of our customers, but we also develop masterpieces that target a specific job in a particular company hence maximizing the chance of our client getting the job. Whatever your needs are, when it comes to resume services, our writers are more than able to you help come up with the best resume you could ever create.

What You Can Expect From Us

Our resume services include the following services:

One on one consultation with clients so as discuss their specific needs and so be able to match their career goals, job opportunities, work experience, and particular potential employer’s goals.

We do resume writing and editing. We create resumes for our clients from scratch and also edit and update our clients’ resumes hence increasing their chances of recruitment.

We also offer resume templates through our online custom resume builder to aid our clients to write their own resumes easily and quickly.

For the best resume service available online, request a consultation, and we will contact you right away!

Attention Grabbing Custom Resume Design Strategies

Even though job hunting is stressful and full of uncertainty, a good resume is easily the best way to increase one’s chances of landing a job. Due to this fact, you’ve got to put your best foot forward. This means that your resume should be very appealing for the recruiter to even take his time to read it.

This is where resume design comes in. From experience, our professional writers are able to recognize that the way you present your information is just as important as the information itself. They will help refine your resume design, hence enable your resume to stand out from the pack.

The following are some of the tactics you can employ to ensure your resume is outstanding;

Choosing the right font is one the things that if not taken seriously can really mess up one’s resume. Although there is essentially no one type of font that can be said to be the right one all the time, being neat and unique can help your resume stand out. For example, keeping your font size between 11 and 13, making sure the type of font chosen is legible both on paper and screen and ensuring all headings are of the same font size is one of the ways one can ensure he or she creates an appealing resume.

Secondly, adding visual emphasis to your contact information is also a good idea as it makes it easier for the potential employer to find your contact information and hence makes it easier for them to contact you in the event you get the interview. The trick is done by placing the contact info at the top of the page so as to make it visually prominent. Where one is applying online, it is always good to include your email address too.

We have seen that recruiters usually have an average of six seconds to go through an application. Therefore, making the contents of your resume skimmable is also another design tactic that increases your recruitment chances. This is easily done by formatting your content and only including only the most important information in your resume and by using columns.

The most important aspect when it comes to resume design is to make sure you follow your target industry norms. This means that the type of role you are applying for should always influence your design. For example, if you are applying for a job as a web designer consider a digital design template but if you want an administrative role, moving away from unconventional design is always the right move.

So whatever your needs may be when it comes to resumes, our professional writers will ensure you get an excellent product, therefore, increasing the chance to land your dream job. Call us now!