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What Is a Compare and Contrast Essay?

A compare and contrast essay is a type of essay which is used to explore both the similarities and the differences between two subjects by comparing and contrasting them against each other.

The first step to writing a compare and contrast essay is to identify the differences and the similarities that exist between two items. Secondly, you have to state what you are going to write in your paper in the thesis statement that is if you will compare, contrast or both. Thirdly, select the format in which you will organize your essay and then finally, you have to use appropriate transitions so that your ideas can flow logically.

Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

There are two variants of outline that you can use:

Outline 1

  • Introduction. This is a general statement of what you will talk about.
  • Topic 1. This one is the first topic of the contrast or the comparison. Do no mention topic 2 here.
  • Topic 2. This is the second topic of the two topics. Do not mention topic 1 here.
  • Topic 1 and 2 combined. This is where you now analyze both topic 1 and 2 together.
  • Conclusion. This is a general summary of the paper. Make sure that you reaffirm your thesis.

Outline 2

  • Introduction. This is a general quotation that will lead to the introduction of the thesis statement.
  • Topic 1. This is where you discuss the comparisons of both topics. Discuss all the similarities of the two giving an example of each.
  • Topic 2. This is where you look at all the contrasts. Discuss all the differences of the two giving differences.
  • Conclusion. This is a summary of the entire paper. State the thesis once more but more confidently this time since you have already made your point in the above topics.

Compare and Contrast Essay Outline Sample


In this paper, we will compare and contrast mom and dad. Mom is the female parent while dad is the male parent in the human species. We will look at what they have in common and at the same time what they vary in.


  • Both mom and dad are human beings who are parents to the same child/children.
  • Additionally, both mom and dad are high school tutors.
  • Finally, both mom and dad speak the same language.


  • Firstly, mom is a female while dad is a male.
  • Secondly, mom is short and well built while dad is tall and slender.
  • Finally, mom has a light skin complexion while dad has a dark complexion.


Mom and dad are both very important people in the life of a child. Each one of them plays a different role in the life of the child and no one of them can be replaced or substituted with the other. They are both similar and different which makes each one of them unique.

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