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It is official. You have finally gathered the courage to pack your bags, presented your two weeks notification and broke the news about your intent to move to a foreign country to your family and friends. But, before stepping on that plane officially, there are a few key things that you should reflect on. Moving into a new state is not exactly similar to moving down the lane. This kind of transformation needs prior planning and a host of exploration. Picking up life and moving overseas can expose someone to a ton of opportunities and experiences that would never have been attained if they stayed put. Although immigration is a kind of a lifetime adventurous change, it is important for one to conduct a thorough analysis about how to move abroad, the country they are moving to as well as the city they wish to settle down in. Below is a list of the most significant advantages and disadvantages of moving to a foreign country that one should review before considering moving overseas.



Although one may have developed a list of pros in their head, here is a list that can sum up the most significant benefits of moving abroad:

  • Travel Opportunities: Among the greatest perks of immigration is the abundance of new areas, towns, and cities just waiting to be explored.
  • Personal and Professional Growth: Another merit of moving abroad is that people from various cultures with their set of norms and techniques of working get in touch with one another and imbibe some of the useful and crucial working methods and values of others, therefore growing professionally and individually.
  • Better living standards: Among the most crucial advantages of immigration (from a personal perspective) I that individuals are able to earn more than they used to do in their native countries, therefore, improving their standards of living.
  • Expansion of Knowledge: There is a power of learning and knowledge that comes with travel. Traveling abroad presents an opening to learn about diverse languages, cultures as well as histories.
  • New Relationships: Moving to a foreign country tremendously expands a person’s social circle, relationship, and friendships.


There are always potential downsides to every decision. The following are some of the disadvantages of moving to a foreign country.

·         Culture Shock: The culture shock that one experiences on arriving in a new country may cause.

·         Language Barrier: A bough from culture shock is language barriers. Moving to a state that has a different language that is distinct from a person’s mother tank present a challenge of language barriers.

·         Finances:  It is hard enough for someone moving to a foreign country to balance their expenses and funds, especially during the first few months of arrival.

  • Health Hazard: people migrating into a new country may at times bring with them some diseases or viruses although it is possible to control that by screening all immigrant before they enter a nation.