How and Why to Post IT Blog? Your Guide on Creating Blogs

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A blog is a website that is focused on written content. People who run blogs write posts. Those could be pieces of text or images and infographics alone. Most often, people read news and celebrity blog websites. It is possible to start your blog on any topic in the world.

In most cases, bloggers write from a personal perspective. They do not often use external sources or reference someone. The idea is to share your thoughts with others. Most of the blog websites allow leaving comments and sharing feedback. That is how their authors find out what interests people most of all. It allows for choosing topics better. Interacting with readers is always a good idea. Such a connection is the basic advantage of running a blog.

Except for making new friends with like-minded people, bloggers also earn money. Well, at least those of them who are interesting to the public. The aim is to earn the trust and loyalty of the users.

The biggest mistake is to think that only good writers who succeeded in their essays at school can become good bloggers. The blogs should not follow any standards or citation formats. Forget about your school experience. You may be creative, informal, and controversial in your writing. Moreover, you do not have to be an expert in the field of choice but rather love it and wish to share your unique ideas. If you start a gaming blog, you should not necessarily succeed on every mission in each game you play. Recording gameplay for sites like YouTube is a good idea, but it would be enough to share your impression from the game. Remember: a passion alone is enough when it comes to blog writing.

Several Good Reasons to Launch Your Blog

So, we have summarized that blogging is about presenting your ideas to the world and offering personal solutions to various problems. Choosing a passionate topic is sometimes enough to become successful one day. You should not be the best copywriter in the world. As long as you create posts about something that genuinely interests you, your audience will feel your sincerity and honesty and keep on subscribing to your blog not to miss a thing.

Numerous young and famous bloggers name numerous reasons for starting a blog. Here is why you should post your blog #1 today:

  • Earn good money remotely.

If you do it right, blogging can be lucrative. No one guarantees high revenues from the very beginning, but the game is worth playing. Part-time bloggers that post for platforms like Instagram or Facebook can hope to earn something around $200-500 of extra cash. Those who invest more time and money can be very rich. Most people prefer to make blogging a passive income. It requires no more than a couple of hours each day, depending on the length of your post. Taking into account 800-1000-word blog posts are okay, it should not take more. Of course, one should first read guides on how to earn online with the help of blogging, but that is valuable knowledge.

  • Share your experience and story.

People usually start writing blog posts to be heard and supported. They look for people with the same kind of thinking. While some prefer posting funny images or cat pics, a text post blog can be way more effective. Only through written words, it is important to share experience and thoughts effectively as well as persuade people. The good idea is to use a blog as a diary where one will post everything that happens to him or her. Of course, it is better to select only the most interesting and exciting episodes from life instead of posting too common things like brushing teeth in the morning. However, even this topic can be delivered excitingly and intrigue the readers. It is okay to tell people more about family members and friends. Stress the importance of sharing love and kindness – most people are looking for such inspiring posts as they might feel lonely.

  • Promoting yourself or your business.

There is a group of people who start blogs to gain recognition for themselves as well as their businesses. Some of the bloggers become as famous and wanted as movie celebrities. Those are ages of hard work or just a single successful post in a month. It can be even your first post ever that will bring you fame – who knows. Good blogs also help to promote one’s business, no matter whether those are goods or services. A blog is a way to get a book or movie deals one day. That is how one can become a superstar starring as a cameo or playing a more serious role.

  • Building a community.

As it was mentioned below, any blog is interactive meaning it helps hundreds or even thousands of people to communicate with each other. Once you create another post, users react to it somehow. They may either Like it or leave a meaningful comment. They can even recommend it to others, and that will play in your hand. Through posting, one educates others. Bloggers may prevent readers from some mistakes or explain how to do something to achieve success. Moreover, it is a great chance for the blog owner to learn from the experience of other people and experts.

With each new day, more and more people appear online for the first time. They are curious about everything. They all add up to the potential readers of your blog. The best time to start your blog is now, while the market is not too overloaded.

How to Write Successful Blogs

Even though a post for a blog should not look like a college essay, these two still have something in common. For instance, it is better to follow a logical flow of thought so that your readers will get what you are talking about. Also, it is important to have an outline for your post. It should always have a catchy intro, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

The main idea is to grab attention from the first few lines. To do so, a writer should start with some hook sentence. It could be a:

  • Joke or anecdote
  • Rhetorical question
  • Literary quotation
  • Quote of a famous person
  • Metaphor
  • Simile
  • Fact or statistic

Starting with something, “Did you know that…?” is a perfect way to catch an eye of the reader. You need to target your audience properly.

On the whole, an engaging heading is what matters in blogging. The best ideas include starting posts with “How to…” or “N Ways to…” One can also include a rhetorical question or fact in the title. Properly written metadata (meta title and meta description) will also help. A blog should also contain some bullet lists to make it easier to read.

The next question you may have in mind is, “Where can I post a blog?” Our experts are ready to answer it.

Where to Post My Blog and Promote It Effectively

There are several good places to share your content. The place where you post and promote your blog should not necessarily be the same. Here is the list of the locations where you can start your modest (or not) career.

  • WordPress

This website is cool for both freshmen and experienced bloggers. It is very easy to construct a website or blog alone using this platform. It is based on HTML and CSS+, which are considered the simplest programming languages in the world. You do not even have to learn them if you do not want to. The website offers numerous templates that you can use. It is very easy and fast to add posts and insert all the necessary visuals: from images to videos. You can also highlight important sentences, divide texts into headings and subheadings, insert quotes, and more. WordPress allows posts to look well-organized and eye-catching. Besides, the service is free of charge. Just follow the simple instructions and tutorials to master WordPress ASAP.

  • FaceBook

Facebook is great for small posts (200-300 words) or promotion of longer posts on other platforms. You may add a small extract from your large article and post it with an engaging image to make the audience want to click on it and read the entire text. This social network holds the top spot of social sharing channels. Facebook sends roughly 25% of all social referral traffic to the website. Instead of developing an original post for Facebook from scratch, a user can share it. Most of the platforms for blogging have options that allow sharing posts on Facebook, Twitter, and some other major social networks. You can learn more about specific strategies that make it possible to double or even triple referral traffic from FB.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest is a good choice for people who prefer creating infographics meaning a minimum of text placed on the images. Such posts help to visualize things. If you know how to create cool graphics, choose this social bookmarking platform. Pinterest group boards can help drive referral traffic to your blog website.

  • Twitter

If you wish to post something new or promote your recent content, use Twitter. You can post plenty of text there, so think when cutting out only the most important things from your text. To create a good post, use hashtags that are somehow connected to your niche and topic. Then, install twitter cards for better conversion rates. Next, engage with influencers and your audience.

Where Can I Post My Blog and Get Help with Writing Help?

We have already discussed the best places to post your articles. If you need help with your first blog, you should think about hiring professional copywriters online. Our company offers such type of assistance. Moreover, once the assigned author finishes a post for you, he or she can even post it on the most suitable platform. On the whole, we are academic and creative writing service, and we would like to tell you more about what we do and how we can help students with their academic assignments, including blog posts as many computer science tutors today assign blog writing to test various skills.

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