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Don't waste your future and in fact your whole life, by using essay online. There is no possible way that your institution would forgive an act of plagiarism. Institutions allow for only a specific percentage of your essay to be the creation of others and that too when their work is properly referenced. Everything else, from the essay topic to the referencing page, has to be original.

Digital essays available online are there for consultation purposes. Online databases do not store essays just for the purpose of abuse by others and those that do; well it’s just bad business. Most people browse for essays online and download them for the following reasons:

  • to use an excerpt from the essay or to copy a complete chapter from it.
  • to present a previously written essay, downloaded from the internet, as their own work.
  • to present someone's essay as their own after making alterations to the topic and other prominent features of the essay.

All the above listed are considered major acts of plagiarism and let us not forget the efficient anti-plagiarism software out there. The online way a person can use essays online, is by consulting them for general format or the flow of information.

This doesn't mean that everybody does their essay on their own. Nobody has the time to deal with a complete essay these days. The choice of essay topic, the extensive research required and the essay writing itself is time-consuming indeed and people with tight schedules, people with jobs find it hard to cope with.

Instead of downloading an essay online, editing it randomly and then submitting it as your own work just to get caught by anti-plagiarism software, one has the option of ordering a custom written essay. A custom essay prepared at . will be prepared according to your instructions and the guidelines provided by your institution. All the written assignments are prepared by professional writers with years of experience of writing essays, research papers and other kinds of academic assignments for students.

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An essay prepared by has the following advantages over those downloaded online for free:

  • 100% plagiarism free.
  • Guaranteed delivery according to the given deadline.
  • Guaranteed quality of the requested write-up.
  • Written only by professional and well-qualified writers.
  • Unlimited revisions and money back guarantee.

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