To Write a Good Essay You Should Know the Essay Structure

Use Essay Structure to Produce a Perfect Essay

It’s an inevitable fact that students should write essays at high school or another educational establishment. In case you are a student who wants to create an appropriate essay, it’s advisable for you to follow all the initial standards and instructions for writing a good essay. First of all, you must be aware about the essay structure.

Usually an essay consists of several changeless parts that should be kept in mind before starting the writing process. The first one is the introduction, and then comes the main body. As a rule, the main body of the essay consists of three paragraphs: first one is the literature review; second one is the research methodology that is followed by findings and the last one is discussion. The finished main body is followed by the conclusion and recommendations. As a rule the references or bibliography and appendices should be also included in the end of the essay.

As you know, the title of your essay and the subject to which your essay is dedicated should be written in the middle part of the coverage page. Also remember to write your first, last name, your group number and your professor’s name.

When writing the table of contents write all the subtitles of your essay and place the number of the page where this or that part is located in your essay. The research part of your essay must not be too long, so try to accommodate the main idea of it on no more than 500 words. In the essay abstracts, you should write the title of the essay, then below goes student’s full name. In the abstract you have to write first the title of your essay and than your full name, after that present the list of chairs’ names (write the word chair and then your professor’s last name). Once finishing the chairs list, you should write about your object investigation and the methods of the research you used in your paper in brief. Sometimes you also need to explain why you have chosen namely this topic, try not to use quotes there.

You can make a kind of overview of your essay in the introduction part, and then you should write the topic of your essay and present the thesis list. Don’t forget to show the aim of your research and the methods which you decided to use in your essay.

In the next part, the main body, you have to present a literature review. Here you are to write about thought of the other professors and scientists concerning your sphere of research. Present some good life examples and citations that will make your essay easy and interesting to read. After that describe your personal investigation, discuss and present the analysis of the results you’ve obtained.

In the last part, the conclusion, you have to present the summary of the essay. You can also assume the ways of your topic further investigation. Write all the references to the literature (all the books) you’ve used when writing your essay. In case you’ve used the internet recourses, present the list of them under the bibliography list.

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